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Some    useful    info

Some useful info about the content of the websites I'm preparing. They are all going to feature some of my fav interests: anime, manga, amateur computer graphics. I like shoujo manga and anime ("shoujo" means "girl" in Japanese, and indicates products dedicated to girls, sentimental stories, for short...) I'm interested in Japanese culture (the user name in the URL is composed of the Japanese terms "aoi" - "azure" - and "sora" - "sky" -. I also like all that's related to fantasy, myths, and also RPG and videogames....


For now, this is just a test for my index page. I'm going to add some links soon. In the meantime, you can visit the following URLs, some places of interests for anyone loving anime: My Oniisama E (Caro Fratello) website. It's a wonderful, dramatic work by a great author, Riyoko Ikeda, and the Anime Web Turnpike, probably the best starting point and list of links for anime fans.

Other useful links will follow...

A Short List of Links

Oniisama E... ~ Caro Fratello... ~: My website dedicated to a wonderful manga and anime series
Anime Web Turnpike: The starting place for anyone loving manga and anime

And for now, that's all, folks!!!

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