Yamato Video (Yamato Video official website - in Italian - where you can order Oniisama e... DVDs online)

- Oniisama e... (by Marianna; a Russian website, with several interesting sections)

- Neko Bon Bon: Caro fratello... (An Italian site dedicated to Shoujo, with a section on Oniisama e...) Oniisama e.../ Brother, dear Brother (It’s possible to download the manga scans, translated in English. A section inside a shoujo-ai website whose projects include also Versailles no Bara and Maria-sama ga miteru)

- Oniisama e community on Livejournal

- Très Cher Frère a complete French site

- Elbereth’s blog (A blog focusing on Versailles no Bara, with fanarts also on Oniisama E)

- rino-de-porignac (More fanarts from a Japanese blog)

The following links are broken at present. If the webmasters of these pages moved their sites, or suppressed them, please contact me and I'll update their links in this section:

- Oniisama e (German website with English version)

- Dear Brother (A French site, has a Saint Just's image gallery)

- Oniisama e (German site with info and manga synopses; several images are taken from my website)

- Très cher frère (a French webpage and review by Gib')

- Anime Web Guide: Brother, Dear Brother (a review of this work)

-         Oniisama e... Screensaver (by Annie; check her pages also for a review)

Oniisama e... (by Charlotte. A very complete site, with Story, Gallery, Anime, Links, and Fan art sections)

- International Sorority (A corner for English-speaking fans of Oniisama E, inside the French forum “Très Cher Frère)

- Riyoko Ikeda's Work (German webpages, with info on Oniisama e...  episodes and multimedia, by Sandra)

- Lili's Shoujo Manga Page (info and images on works by Chiho Saito, Riyoko Ikeda, Yumiko Igarashi and others...)

S-Cafe 1997-2005 (Manga reviews, authors, profiles, magazines, postcards)

General links about Riyoko Ikeda's works:

- Riyoko Ikeda Official Website

- La leggenda di Versailles (by Alex;  images, fanarts, fanfictions, and an interesting historical section dedicated to Versailles no Bara)

Riyoko Ikeda's "The Window of Orpheus" in Regensburg (the title says it all ;) )

Shoujo-related links:

Shoujo Manga Outline (An Italian site with a very useful link section)

Manga style! Pretty Soldiers in sailor suits (A beautiful website focusing on Sailor Moon original illustrations by Naoko Takeuchi)

Ikuni Web
(Kunihiko Ikuhara's official website; he's the director of several seasons of Sailor Moon, and the head of "Be-Papas", the group that created Shojo Kakumei Utena. The English version was updated in 2002)

The Gallery at Empty Movement (Maybe the most complete image gallery for Shoujo Kakumei Utena; inside "Empty Movement", a website full of interesting information and analysis)

General Anime-related links:

Anime Web Turnpike

A starting point and anime-related search engine.

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