Oniisama e… Anime Comics and Artbook


There isn’t much merchandising related to this work , but it’s still possible to find an Artbook and the Anime Comics.

*Update* The Artbook is called Fantasia - Riyoko Ikeda's Poetry & Illustrations . Published in 2004, it’s actually a collection of illustrations from various works, chosen by R. Ikeda herself. There are only a dozen images on Oniisama e… (and Nanako looks a little different there), but it’s a nice collector item to have for Ikeda’s fans. There used to be images from it at Aethereality gallery .

It's also still also possible to find the Japanese Anime Comics, that is books telling the story through screencaptures of the animated series. You could still find some copies of them from eBay, Yahoo Japan Auctions, or an Italian online store, Marmax: choose the language, then click on "Author index" and choose "Riyoko Ikeda".

    This web page features the images of the covers and the second pages of the Anime comics, and it's here thanks to the help I received from Alex, one of the first, precious contributors to this web site, who kindly and patiently sent me these images. I hope you're going to like them, and please, if you wish to use them on your site, give *her* credit!

    Click on the image for a larger version.

Anime comic vol.1
(Ep. 1-4) 

Anime comic vol.2
(Ep. 5-9)

Anime comic vol.3
(Ep. 10-14)

Anime comic vol.4
(Ep. 15-19)

Anime comic vol.5
(Ep. 20-24)

Anime comic vol.6
(Ep. 25-29)

Anime comic vol.7
(Ep. 30-34)

Anime comic vol.8
(Ep. 35-39)

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