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~ Oniisama E... ~ Caro Fratello... ~ (English version)

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This page is dedicated to a manga work (and an anime series based on it) by the great Riyoko Ikeda, author of the unforgettable "Versailles no Bara" (The Rose of Versailles).

Less popular than the work that preceded it, Oniisama E... manga was first published in Japan in 1975 by Shueisha, then republished by Choukoro-sha in a single volume, and it's quite difficult to find today. In 1991 NHK produced an anime series, made of 39 episodes.

The anime version reminds of the series dedicated to Versailles no Bara and Ace o Nerae, mainly because they all share the same director, and a real "master" of Japanese animation, Osamu Dezaki: extremely slender characters, details constantly appearing and giving hints about the further development of the story, still images in pastel colours underlying the most important moments...

But what's "Oniisama E..." about?

The title comes from the letters that the main character, Nanako Misonoo, writes to Takehiko Henmi, a young universitary student who taught sociology at the "Juku" (a common school institution in Japan, where students prepare to give exams to enter higher school levels) she attended after junior high school: Nanako asks him to be her "older brother", a reassuring figure to whom she can tell her thoughts, pain, troubles in a very important period in the life of a young girl: the passage from junior to senior high school.

Nanako and her best friend Tomoko enter the Seiran Gakuen, a prestigious all-female private institute that comprises from elementary school to university. The school life at Seiran is dominated by three charismatic girls, respected, admired, worshipped by the other students: "Kaoru no Kimi" (Prince Kaoru), aka Kaoru Orihara; "Hana no Saint Just" (Saint Just of Flowers), aka Rei Asaka; "Miya-sama" (The Princess - or Lady Miya in the Italian version -), aka Fukiko Ichinomiya.

Besides meeting these "wonderful people", Nanako also meets Mariko Shinobu, a charming classmate, whose main goal is becoming Nanako's best friend. All these people, and the mysterious stories related to them, will have a deep, lasting effect on young Nanako.

The plot of Oniisama E... is extremely intriguing, like a jigsaw puzzle composing very slowly before our eyes, stressed by the feelings and sensations of the main characters, by highly dramatic moments (and even melodramatic, as someone said); a sort of "gothic novel", a story of love and death, dominated by roses, cherry petals, by an old clock tower, a mysterious golden bracelet, and a sad-looking little doll, appearing like a leit motiv throughout the series...

Oniisama E... is oriented to a more mature audience, as serious issues are recurring in this work: use of drugs, teen-age suicide, serious diseases, the influence of a high-class elite on the life of young individuals, and, last but not least, the very strong attraction for a person of the same gender...

But Oniisama E... is also a work that anyone loving shoujo manga should definitely read or watch, a masterpiece in describing the female world and psyche in a troubled moment of the growth of a young girl...

I strongly recommend it to people who, like me, have always loved Riyoko Ikeda's style, and read mangas also with their hearts...



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