Updates and Website History


Notes on this update (January 2017)

Further to some supportive emails of people still following this website, after 9 years I've decided to do some maintainance, removing some pages because of broken links.


December 2008 update:

-         Added new links to the “Link” section.

-         Updated the “Anime” section with links to biographies of Osamu Dezaki, Kentaro Haneda and Akio Sugino.

-         Added a link to listen to some of the tracks by Kentaro Haneda, in the “Music and Sound” section, and a new file with a guitar piece from ep. 14.

-         Updated the “Anime Comics” section with information on the Artbook “Fantasia”.

-         Added some links to more websites featuring Oniisama e fanarts, in the “Fanarts” section.


Notes on the previous updates:


(September 2007): The sections “Music and Sounds” and “Desktop themes and icons” have been restored.



(April 2007): The Multimedia sections are temporarily unavailable. Unfortunately, the webspace used for storing the audio and video files is not available anymore. The sections “Music and Sounds” and “Desktop themes and icons” will be restored as soon as I find a new provider. Thanks for your patience.

- The "Links" section was updated. Some broken links were removed, and a couple of new ones were added.

(March 2006): The "Anime" section was updated with more info on the Anime Staff and on the Japanese DVD version (on sale) of Oniisama e...;
- A fanart has been added to the "Fanart" section;
- The "Anime Comics" section was revised - some more info added;
- The "Passages from the script" section was revised;
- The "Links" section was updated.

(August 2005): The "Links" section was updated: it now has a layout allowing to open separate browser pages to visit the linked websites;
- The "Anime" section was updated with some more info on the Anime Staff of Oniisama e...;
- Some scans were added to the "Manga Scans" section.


(May 2005): The "Desktop Themes and Icons" section is back online! Moreover, two new Themes for Windows 98 (by Susanna) were added to it.


(March 2005): The "Music" Section was restored! ;

- The "Link" page was updated: several broken links were removed or updated, and some new were added.


(September 2004): Pages 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the Image Gallery have been restored, they're now hosted by another server;
The "Desktop Themes" and the "Music" sections are still down, I'm still working to restore them.


(August 2004): After several months I was finally able to update my webpages again...
I've added some links to the "Links" section, and some banners created by Marianna (you can find the link to her website in the "Links" section), in the "Link to this site" section.

Some links to some areas are temporarily down. I'm working to restore them, please be patient.
A big "thank you" to the people who kept writing and supporting my work over the last few months.


(November 2002): The summaries of anime episodes 37-39 have now been added.


(July 2002): I've added the summaries of anime episodes from episode 21 to ep. 36. You find them in the "Anime" section;

- My "thanks" to the people who helped and supported this site, and the banners to link to my pages can now be found in two
new separate sections: "Aknowledgments and Credits" and "Link to this site";

- I've added some new links to the "Links" section.


(June 2002): - I've finally added some detailed summaries of Oniisama e... anime episodes (Ep. 9-20). You can find them in the "Anime" section of the site. I'm still working on the summaries of the other episodes.

- Several links in the "Links" section have been updated.


(April 2002): The web page dedicated to fanarts inspired to Oniisama e... was updated with the beautiful drawings contributed by Manuela. If you wish to contribute your drawings too, send them and I'll add them to that section.

- The "Characters" section was updated with brand new images and new information;

- The "Sound" section was restored and updated with some new files.The sound files previously present in the section
"Passages from the script" are now available in the "Music and Sounds" section;

- The "Passages from the script" section was updated with some new images;

- The broken links in the "Manga" section have been restored.

- The "Characters Screenshot Gallery" is now hosted by another server. Please update your bookmarks.

The "Characters" section features an image of the "real" Saint-Just, and an interesting link about this historical character....just in case you're curious to see how he looked like...

Moreover, in the Italian version of the website there are some interesting sections providing a deeper analysis of Oniisama e... characters and story, and some more images:
"Symbolism and recurring elements in Oniisama e...";
"The relationships of friendship in Oniisama e...";
"The Angel of Death: Saint Just in the manga version".

I plan to add a translation of these sections in the future.

The original version of this website, on line since
October 1998, featured the following sections:
Passages from the script;

In time, the following sections have been added and updated:
November 1998:
Anime Comics;
Music & Sounds;

From November 1998 to January 2002:
Image gallery (Pages 1-7);

December 1998:
Characters' Screenshot gallery;

October-November 2000:
Desktop themes and Icons;

From April 2001 to November 2001:
Manga Summaries;

February 2002:
Oniisama e... Fanarts;

June 2002 :
Anime summaries.(ep. 9-36);

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