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The animated series of Oniisama E...  was produced and broadcasted in 1991 by NHK, and is made of 39 episodes.

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At the end of 2004, there was a Limited Release of Oniisama e.. DVD - in Japanese - in two boxes, purchaseable at Cd Japan website.
The first box contains 5 discs and covers episodes 1 through 26.
You can find all the details at the link:

The second box contains 3 discs and covers episodes 27 through 39
You can find all the details at the link:


If you are interested in buying the Italian DVD version of the anime (two collector boxes), visit Yamato Video website (click on "Shop" and write "Caro fratello" in the "Search" section to have more info).


Some differences between the anime and the manga:

Because of its length, in the anime series we get to know better some characters that are not deeply described in the manga.

The presence of Tomoko in the anime is constant until the end and she'll become friends with Mariko; Miya-sama's character is better described, and we get to see how she developed her feelings for the man she loves; her relationship with Rei is better described too (there are some minor changes related to their past); some episodes deeply describe the personalities of Aya and some other members of the Sorority. Mariko's father, differently from the manga version, appears, and, most of all, Kaoru's ending is different.

 I've completed and added to this section the detailed summaries of almost all the anime episodes. Click on the link to read them. It took me a lot of time to write and revise them, so please, if you wish to use these summaries for your webpages, ask me first and in any case, give me credit or link to this website. Thanks.

Please note: The episodes titles up to video 4 are taken from the "Technogirls Brother, Dear Brother page" (see the "Links" section to visit their page).  The episodes titles from video 5 on are my not-quite-exact translation of the titles from the Italian version I own (see the address of the Yamato Video shop in the main page).

If someone has any suggestions on how to improve the episode titles, I'd be very grateful.

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3 (Summaries of Episodes 9-12):

Video 4 (Summaries of Episodes 13-16):

Video 5 (Summaries of Episodes 17-20):

Video 6 (Summaries of Episodes 21-24):

Video 7 (Summaries of Episodes 25-28) :

Video 8 (Summaries of Episodes 29-32) :

Video 9 (Summaries of Episodes 33-36) :

Video 10 (Summaries of Episodes 37-39):

The animated gif at the top of the page was created by me using screenshots taken from Marie Kelly's "Oniisama E..." web page (see the "Link" section). The picture below was from her website too. If you wish to use it on your page, please give credit.

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