Oniisama e... Anime Episode Summaries

Episode 9
Relapse; Broken Heart

[Images, from the previous episode, of Nanako running away from Mariko's home]
Nanako is sitting on the sea shore at sunset. Tomoko asks her how Shinobu's party was. Nanako tells there were only 3 people, then she remains silent and serious. Tomoko asks what happened to her, and her friend tells only a part of the events. While they walk, the two girls meet Kaoru, who's running and greets them smiling: she's training for the incoming basketball tournaments, then she leaves. The younger girls comment admiring that Kaoru is always active and full of energy.
Nanako walks along the shore with bare feet, telling her "oniisama" that she can't tell Tomoko what happened at Mariko's home. The following day, at school, she plans to avoid Mariko as much as possible.

Mariko is inside the bath, with her head under water and her eyes closed. Her mother calls her for dinner, and gets alarmed when she sees her daughter that way, asking what she wanted to do. Mariko puts her head out of water, breathing: "Nothing, now...", it's her reply.

At school, Mariko looks at Nanako from a distance. Then she slowly steps inside the classroom, and sits next to Nanako. She gently places her hand on Nanako's, she greets her and apologizes for what happened. But Nanako draws back her own hand, and keeps looking in front of herself. There's a symbolic image of naked Mariko, sinking in waters. Mariko looks at her classmate with sorrowful and tearful eyes...
Nanako tells her oniisama that during the lessons she tried to focus, avoiding any contact with Mariko, ignoring her. She feels extremely tense, and still feels the physical sensations had with Mariko. She says she cannot forgive her, not yet...

Nanako has lunch with Tomoko, who says she's surprised at her invitation. They are looking at the training of the athletics team. They have fun, and Mariko looks at them, behind a pillar. Then she goes away, leaving the box with her lunch on a step.

Saint Just is playing at the school theatre. The male character she's playing says that "he" will always love "the other", and she - the other girl who's playing his partner - cannot take her place. In the meantime, Kaoru kneels down because of a sharp pain on her breast, and screams. Nanako is passing by and sees her,immediately offering her help. Kaoru asks her if she can run to Rei and ask her for some painkillers. Kaoru will wait for Nanako in the basketball changing room. Nanako runs to a classroom of the second year, but she doesn't find Rei, even when she looks for her in the clock tower. Some girls tell her that Rei  is rehearsing in the school theatre.
Rei has just finished, and several adoring girls surround her, giving her bouquets of flowers. Nanako arrives and calls her, saying that Kaoru needs her help, and tries to make her way through the "crowd" to reach the older girl. A girl pushes Nanako away, and Nanako falls from the stage. Saint Just looks at the whole the scene, and then goes towards Nanako. She starts playing, saying that the wind of death blows through everyone's body (there's an image of Kaoru staggering in the wind along an open corridor). Nanako repeats that Kaoru needs her help. Rei climbs down the steps, continuing her monologue about night and death. Nanako tries to make her understand that it is an emergency. Rei keeps talking and bursts into a rather histerical laugher . Nanako finally loses her patience and slaps Rei *hard*. "There's nothing to laugh at! I said your friend is suffering a lot, give me the painkillers!" the younger girl yells.
Rei runs a finger through her lips, wiping away a bit of blood that formed, and looks at Nanako. "Ma cherie la poupée", she thinks, and we see the image of her little doll for the first time. Rei starts searching her pockets, not finding the medicine she needs, at first. Then she finds what they need, and gives the painkillers to Nanako, telling her that Kaoru shouldn't take too much pills of them. Nanako thanks and runs away. Rei looks at her, and thinks with tenderness that her little doll hit her...
Nanako is running, and thinks at all the medicines Rei carries with her.
Sitting now alone on the stage steps, Rei worries for Kaoru. "If she wanted the medicines, she must suffer a lot", she thinks...

In the changing room, Kaoru takes the glass of water with the medicine that Nanako is giving her. She tells the younger girl that she's going to feel better soon, and invites Nanako to go back to the classroom, because the afternoon lessons will start soon. Nanako, instead, takes a chair and sits, saying she's going to stay with her for a while, she wants to keep her company. Kaoru smiles and tells Nanako "you like to act as a nurse, don't you?". She finally accepts Nanako's company, but "only for the 5th hour, ok?". She lies down, and asks Nanako if she makes any sports. Nanako says she doesn't make any, but she likes tennis, swimming, basketball, she feels she's not too talented in sports. Kaoru says that the most important thing in sports is passion. She tells that when she was in hospital she wished to run, hear her heartbeat, the feeling of life. She loves basketball because it gives her the feeling to be alive. Now she feels better, she closes her eyes and asks Nanako to come back and wake her up after the 6th hour.

During the lesson, Nanako can only think of Kaoru and her pain. She runs away at the end of the hour, and rushes into the changing room. A girl inside tells her that Kaoru left a message for them: the basketball team should train on their own, because she want to go home in advance. Nanako is surprised. She thinks Kaoru isn't feeling well again, she wants to phone her. Mariko reaches Nanako running, and panting she says she must talk to her, she wants to have a chance to explain what happened. Nanako tells her that she's in a big rush, and runs away. Mariko sits on the ground, looking above herself, in despair.

Nanako phones at Kaoru's home, but there's no reply. She walks on the beach, after trying many times to phone her, and is very worried for her older friend. She thinks again about Kaoru's words ("Nobody can really understand the others, however they worry about them. Whatever happens,  you must always listen to your heart".) Nanako suffers for this feeling of helplessness.

At the hospital, Saint Just is talking to a doctor, who says that he visited Kaoru because she had a lot of pain. Rei asks if it is a serious problem. "Nothing to worry about", the doctor replies. Rei is relieved. The doctor says that Kaoru went back to school to train her team. Rei thanks him. The doctor comments that it's ok if Kaoru does it, as long as she likes it. Saint Just asks worried if this means that it's better for Kaoru to do it as long as she can (meaning "as long as she's healthy"). The doctor gets angry, and tells Rei not to say foolish things. Rei apologizes.

It's sunset. Inside the Seiran, Kaoru is crying alone in the classroom. She wonders what's the sense of being born, if then one must suffer this way.
Standing near the lighthouse on the beach, Nanako wonders what's Kaoru's illness. She says in tears to her oniisama that if Kaoru were secretly suffering (image of Kaoru in tears) she couldn't bear it.

Mariko doesn't want to have dinner. Her mother kindly insists, but Mariko overturns the laid table. She screams she can't stand it anymore.

Episode 10

[Scene from the previous episode, with Mariko overturning the table]
At school, Mariko gazes at Nanako, sitting next to her. She lets her rubber fall on Nanako's exercise-book. Mariko retrieves her rubber and says some words to Nanako, who closes her eyes and keeps being silent.
At lunch, Nanako is chatting with Tomoko. Her friend notices that maybe Nanako is thinking of Mariko, who's probably eating alone.

Mariko is on the terrace of the music room. Kaoru arrives, and asks her if she finished her lunch. Mariko runs away, thinking that she will not eat any more. Kaoru looks at her, very serious.

At home, Mariko is lying in bed. Her mother comes into the room, and asks her what she wishes to have for dinner. She hasn't eaten for 3 days. Mariko, very annoyed, says that she doesn't want anything, and turns on her side. Her mother offers to cook her some good dishes, but Mariko starts crying, repeating she doesn't want to eat. Her mother says she's worried for her health, Mariko is everything she has, now. She begs her to eat.
Mariko turns toward her mother, angry and still in tears, and yells her to stop begging her, she never gets angry, that's why her father has... Then the girl stops the sentence, and tells her mother to leave the room. Mrs Shinobu leaves, with her head bowed.

Nanako is studying. Her father comes into the room, and gives her a present: a brand new English dictionary! He noticed the one she was using was too old. Her mother comes into her room too, and puts some tea and cakes on the table. Nanako feels surrounded by her parents' love. She doesn't understand Mariko's behaviour after the birthday's party. She takes the phone and dials her number, but then she stops. Mariko is sitting in her room, she hears the half-ring, and rushes to the phone. Then she kneels, begging Nanako to call her again, in tears...

At school, Nanako and Tomoko are talking. Going up the stairs, Nanako sees Mariko, and then Monna Lisa and another Sorority senior member. The Sorority members talk to Nanako and Mariko (Tomoko says goodbye to Nanako and leaves), and ask the younger girls if they can buy some flowers for the party at university. They go away, a bit haughty.
Mariko smiles, and explains her friend that the Sorority holds a party every week to talk about the problems and the future meetings of the association. Mariko feels honoured for this "task", but Nanako is silent and indifferent. They buy the flowers and carry them, Mariko tries to explain to Nanako what happened that evening, she gets closer to her, but Nanako runs away. Mariko looks very hurt.

At the fountain, Nanako is having lunch with Tomoko, who asks if something happened at Mariko's party, but then adds that she will not insist, if Nanako is not ready to talk about it.

Kaoru reaches Mariko in the terrace. She offers her some sandwiches, saying her beautiful face will lose its beauty, she's  looking pale and she's going to lose her energy if she doesn't eat. Mariko yells at her, saying to leave her alone, she dosn't care about her body. Kaoru gets really angry, grabs Mariko's arms and lifts her off the ground. Then she calms down, and notices that if Mariko said such stupid things she's still feeling well. Mariko bursts into tears and runs away, saying Kaoru cannot understand how she feels. She cries against a wall along the stairs, Kaoru arrives and quietly puts a hand on her shoulder. Mariko turns and cries in Kaoru's arms. "How could you understand? You're always so full of energy and serenity!", she says in tears. Some girls downstairs comment that they would like to be in Kaoru's arms too, like Mariko. Mariko turns and runs in tears into the classroom, meeting for an instant Nanako's eyes - Nanako is standing near the door -. Nanako closes her eyes, while Mariko sobs at her desk. Kaoru tells everybody to go back into the classroom.

It's gym hour. Kaoru is training the girls at volleyball. Mariko is alone in the changing room, crying.
Saint Just is taking a nap on the balcony, and a ball bounces next to her. She gets up and looks down, smiling, and all the girls cheer at her enthusiastically. Kaoru asks her to have the ball back, Saint Just invites her friend to come up to the balcony, because there's a wonderful sight from there. Kaoru tells her that if she comes down, she'll let her play with them. Rei climbs up on the edge of the railing, as if she's ready to jump down. All the girls are terrified. Rei spots Fukiko and some other Sorority members who are looking at her, and she stops, looking serious. Kaoru asks Rei to throw her the ball. Saint Just lets it fall, still looking at Fukiko who is in turn looking at her very serious. She then climbs on the edge with her feet, and moves some steps... she almost jumps down (as if she wanted to fly towards Fukiko), but she finally sits on the edge, realizing she's going to fall. Miya-sama and the others go away.

Kaoru invites everyone to resume the training. Mariko falls down, fainting. Kaoru takes her in her arms and carries her to the infirmary, calling Nanako too. Then an ambulance takes the fainted girl and Kaoru to the hospital, while all the students look worried behind the windows...
Near the lockers, Tomoko says to Nanako that she's just known about Mariko, and she's worried too. Nanako says she's going to Shinobu's home to talk to Mariko's mother: if she can work things out with Mariko, maybe she's going to feel better. Tomoko says she's right, and takes her friends's satchel, saying she'll carry it home for her. Nanako runs away.

Meanwhile, near a shopping centre, Mrs Shinobu notices her husband walking together with a beautiful woman...

Nanako is in front of Mariko's house, and calls the school: she is said that Mariko will stay in hospital for some days, since she has refused to eat for some days and is suffering from a bit of anemia.
At the hospital, in the meantime, Mariko has a phleboclysis, and is still unconscious. Kaoru watches over her, wondering why she behaved this way: life is the most precious thing. She then thinks back of Rei on the balcony edge, and wonders what on heart these girls have in their minds...

It starts raining.
Nanako is waiting, wondering why Mariko doesn't want to eat. Mrs. Shinobu arrives, she's happy to see Nanako and thanks her.  Nanako tells her that Mariko fainted at school, and Mrs. Shinobu gets really worried, the plastic bag with food she is carrying falls from her hand. In the taxi who's taking them to the hospital, Nanako learns that Mariko doesn't want to eat until Nanako forgives her. Nanako thinks back of all the times Mariko tried to have her forgiveness, and feels very guilty. Mariko's mother decides that from now on she'll make Mariko eat, even using force. She says that maybe it's her fault, because she never managed to be severe with her daughter...

At the hospital, Mariko wakes up, and thanks Kaoru. The older girl tells her that her mother and Misonoo will arrive soon. When Kaoru says "Misonoo", Mariko opens her eyes wide. Kaoru smiles, and tells Mariko that she did all this for Nanako, didn't she? Mariko says no, Kaoru puts a hand on her head, and tells her gently that she was a fool...
Mrs. Shinobu comes in, saying that Nanako too is with her. Mariko turns and sees Nanako. She tells her that she doesn't need her at all, she doesn't need her pity, and she must go away, she's got many friends. Then she starts crying. Kaoru says goodbye and leaves with Mrs. Shinobu. Mariko gets mad with Nanako, because she couldn't say bye to Prince Kaoru, Nanako giggles gently; Mariko continues sobbing against the pillow, saying she's got many friends...

At the entrance of the hospital, Mrs. Shinobu calls her husband home, but no one answers.
Mariko still cries, Nanako is sitting next to her bed, while outside it's still raining. She thinks that she was too stubborn, and she risked losing a friend because she didn't want to forgive her. [In the meantime, to Mrs Shinobu's relief, Mr Shinobu arrives - his face is in shadow - because the school phoned his piblisher telling about Mariko].
Nanako looks at Mariko, and thinks that even if she's only 16 Mariko is strong and bold, and she really respects her new friend. She gently places her hand on Mariko's; the girl turns toward Nanako, with tears still in her eyes, and her fingers entwine with her friend's. The two girls look at each other in tears.

Outside it's still raining...

Episode 11
Under the Elm Tree

On the train to school, Tomoko and Nanako are talking about the English lesson. Nanako says that Mariko is finally back home, and invites Tomoko to have lunch all three together. Tomoko doesn't look too convinced... Then the two girls talk about the exams that are approaching...

Fukiko sees Rei, who's walking on her way to school. She tells the driver to stop the car and gets out, while Rei looks at her serious. Fukiko gives her a rare book that Rei had asked her to borrow. Saint Just is surprised, because Fukiko changed her mind (Fukiko didn't want to lend the book at first). Fukiko says that everyone is free to change their mind. Saint Just nods, the car leaves and Fukiko stays with Rei.

At Seiran, a speaker calls all the Sorority members, inviting them to go to the Sorority house.
There, Fukiko explains that the exams of the first term are approaching. The members' results must be among the best 50 of their year, because this is a point of honour for the association. The older members will help the "junior" with guides, tests of the previous years and tutoring. After the classes, there will be studying groups, and to open this new activity a party will be held at Miya-sama's house. All the members are happy...

Before leaving, Fukiko stops Mariko and asks if she's feeling well now. Being in good health is essential to be in the Sorority, she's glad Mariko is better and that she left the hospital soon. Mariko thanks her. Fukiko goes out and notices that it's going to rain. There is a thunder, followed by wind that lifts Fukiko's hair. A spiteful and artful smile appears on Miya-sama's lips.

Saint Just is sitting on the stairs of the clock tower, reading. Fukiko enters, and asks her if she likes the book (it's the one she lent Rei). Rei nods, and Fukiko tells her about the party at her home, inviting her after the lessons. "At your house?", Rei asks surprised. Fukiko says she'll give her a lift to Ichinomiya's house, "wait for me under the elm tree, at 5 o' clock". Saint Just accepts, surprised.

Lightnings. Several cars leave the Seiran, the senior Sorority members are taking the juniors to Miya-sama's house. Nanako is in a car with Mariko and Fukiko, and feels excited and nervous, sensing that something is going to happen that afternoon.

In the elegant Ichinomiya's mansion, the girls look over maths and literature again. Fukiko recites the verses of a traditional poem - images of  Rei waiting under the tree, while it starts raining - and asks Nanako to say aloud a poem that talks about love and death. It rains hard - Rei is soaked under the tree - and Fukiko looks out of the window, satisfied.

Nanako notices she forgot her French books and exercise-books at school. Fukiko offers her a ride by car, but Nanako says she'll go on foot. At the entrance, Fukiko gives her an umbrella, and tells her not to get too cold. While Nanako runs away, two girls comment that Fukiko seems to particularly like Nanako, and maybe the rumours telling that Miya-sama in person ordered her admission in the club are true. Mariko hears all this and is going to ask for more explainations, but Fukiko comes in and invites everyone to have tea. Then she starts playing at the piano the same piece Saint Just always plays. Mariko recognizes it, surprised.

At Seiran, Nanako finds her books in her classroom, and - tired - falls asleep, lulled by the noise of the rain outside. When she wakes up and leaves the Seiran it's evening already. She sees someone under the elm tree. She recognizes it's Saint Just, and calls her. Rei turns and falls on Nanako's arms. Nanako notices she's soaked and cold, and wonders what she was doing there, under the rain.
Nanako takes a taxi to get Rei home. Saint Just wakes up, and says she must go back to school to wait for Fukiko. She opens the door while the car is still running, Nanako manages to stop her, and the taxi driver refuses to continue the ride.
Rei walks on the streets, almost in a trance, she climbs on a pedestrian bridge. Nanako tries to stop her, but Rei says she must go back to school. Nanako tells Rei that since she's got a fever she must go back home.
Rei keeps walking.
Nanako finds her again in a flower shop, she enters and Rei turns towards her, smiling tenderly. She gives Nanako a small bouquet of flowers and puts it in the breast pocket of her jacket. She thanks Nanako for her help, and says not to worry about her. Rei runs away, Nanako follows her.
Saint Just climbs on a bridge over the railway. Rei says that Fukiko can't wait any longer, they had to meet at 5. Nanako tells Saint Just that at that time Miya-sama was already at home. Saint Just is surprised and tells Nanako she shouldn't tell lies. Then she leans out of the railing, saying she must hurry, she wants to reach Fukiko. She's going to jump down, but Nanako stops her just in time. The flowers in her pocket fall down while the train is running. The two girls fall on their back, and Nanako holds Rei from behind, begging her not to do it anymore. Rei gazes fixedly, then she places her hands on her temples and screams in pain.

The two girls finally reach Rei's apartment. Nanako rings the bell, but nobody answers. Rei tries to open the door with her keys, but she's shaking and the keys fall on the ground. Nanako collects them and opens the door.
She sees a huge number of mirrors, and is surprised (a really sad music plays in the background). She then asks Rei where her family is. Saint Just lets herself fall on the bed, laughing bitterly. She says that she lives alone, and whispers "Ma chèrie la poupée".
Nanako goes to the bathroom to take some towels. Images of the little doll and carillon music in the background. Saint Just appears at the door, looks at Nanako, and, saying "my little doll", holds her tight in her arms. Nanako is surprised and lets the towels fall from her hand.

Episode 12
The Scar

Saint Just is holding Nanako tight in her arms, calling her "ma chèrie la poupée". Then she slowly falls on her knees, still holding to Nanako, who asks what's happening to her. Rei takes Nanako to her bedroom, and shows her the little doll, saying she really looks like it. Then she faints, and is promptly helped by Nanako.

Nanako is cooling Saint Just's forehead with a wet cloth - in the meantime she also changed Rei's wet clothes with a nightgown - Saint Just dreams of waters, hills and a mysterious person waiting for her under a tree [for the description of the dream you can read the "Passages from the script" section of this website].
When Rei wakes up, Nanako tells her that if she has the right ingredients she could cook her some sweets. Saint Just looks at her surprised, then giggles.
Nanako goes to the kitchen, saying that Kaoru will arrive soon. Nanako finds out that there is no electric light in the kitchen. She opens the fridge, and discovers that there are only some expired frozen products there. Tears form in her eyes, as she thinks that Rei lives alone, in a bare room, surrounded by mirrors, in a dark and obsessing atmosphere. She doesn't eat regularly, and Nanako wonders what she could do alone in that little apartment, after school. What is her secret?

Saint Just has fallen asleep. Kaoru arrives, Nanako opens the door thanking her. Kaoru hurries inside, letting her overcoat, umbrella and a bag fall on the ground. Saint Just gets up, and greets her, with a sort of couldn't-care-less attitude. Kaoru puts a hand on Rei's forehead, realizing she's really got a fever, and then slaps her. Rei falls on the bed, and Kaoru scolds her because she's just hurting herself. Then she tears the bracelet out of Rei's wrist. Saint Just throws herself on Kaoru, telling her to give it back, and Nanako notices that there is a scar on Rei's wrist.
Kaoru and Saint Just fight, and Kaoru says that until she wears that object, she'll be under Miya-sama's spell. Kaoru bumps with her back against a mirror, that's shattered into pieces. Then she opens the window, and is going to throw out the bracelet, but a knife hits the wall, close to her face.
Kaoru turns and sees Saint Just with several knives on her hand, and a determined look on her face. Kaoru looks at her, quite vexed, and lets the bracelet fall. Rei silently wears it again, and goes back to bed. Kaoru shouts her that nothing will ever change if she doesn't get rid of that object, she told her that a lot of times.
Rei stays silent and falls asleep...

Nanako goes into the elevator, and asks Kaoru to keep her updated about Rei's health. Kaoru asks Nanako to forget what she saw that evening, and to consider it like a sort of bad dream. Nanako nods.
Walking under the rain, Nanako thinks again of Saint Just's scar. She thinks that maybe she tried to suicide...

Kaoru is peeling an apple, Rei is lying in bed, and asks her friend to go to the elm tree: maybe Fukiko is there and is wondering where Rei is. Kaoru says annoyed and angry that Rei has now a fever because Fukiko let her wait for hours under the rain. Saint Just says that she can bear all Fukiko's whims and tricks, but cannot stand the idea that Fukiko might get a cold, or soak her hair. She again asks Kaoru to go. Kaoru gets really angry and tells Rei to stop it, chopping the apple into 4 clean-cut  slices...

Nanako calls Miya-sama from a public phone. Fukiko says that everyone was worried for her, and now everybody left. Nanako would like to go to her house to take back her satchel and give her umbrella back, but Fukiko tells her that Mariko will give her her satchel the next day at school, and she can give back her umbrella the next day as well. Then she asks her what happened at school. Nanako says that she wasn't feeling well and went to Tomoko's house. Miya-sama sounds a bit annoyed, she quickly says she understands and ends the phone call.
Nanako things of Kaoru's words about "Miya-sama's spell", and then goes back to her home, while a dog walks next to her in the rain...

Nanako wakes up early in the morning and prepares a basket full of food and fresh vegetables. She tells her parents that the basket is for the study group and leaves. Her parents are a bit surprised...
On the train, Nanako thinks that she told a lie, but her feelings are clear and strong, she wants Saint Just to eat well and recover quickly. She rings the bell of Rei's flat, but nobody answers - image of the little doll -. Nanako writes a note for Rei, telling her to eat and rest, so she can recover soon, and then leaves the basket, a thermos of coffee and a cute origami before the door, thinking about Rei also on the train to school.

At Seiran, Mariko gives Nanako her satchel, and tells her that nobody at the study group could understand what had happened to her, and everybody was worried. Mariko stayed there until 10. Nanako apologizes, and tells Mariko that she phoned Miya-sama, but she didn't seem too convinced.
Mariko says that the most important thing is that Miya-sama accepted her apologies, it's important not to annoy her. Then she asks Nanako to tell her what happened, but Nanako says she must go away, and runs to Tomoko's classroom. She asks her to confirm that she was with her yesterday, in case anybody asks her. Tomoko asks worried if she's talking about her parents, but Nanako says she means the members of the Sorority and Miya-sama. Tomoko says she'll help her, Nanako thanks her and Tomoko, giggling, tells her she owes her a favour. Then she runs to her class.

The lessons start. Nanako feels anxious, and at lunch break she goes to the manège to give Fukiko's umbrella back. Fukiko is drinking some tea, and says that she doesn't need it, Nanako can keep it or throw it away. Nanako is surprised. Miya-sama gets up and, coldly looking at Nanako. She says Nanako mustn't get too close to Rei Asaka, for her own sake. She gives her a threatening look and rides away on her horse.

At the fountain, Nanako is still perplexed, and thinks that she didn't try to "get closer" to Rei, she just found her soaked under the elm, by chance...

Nanako goes to Kaoru who's reading at the library. She asks her news about Rei, and Kaoru answers that she's better, she gave her some medicines for the fever, but they weren't effective because Rei has developed a tolerance for them. Nanako thanks, says goodbye and goes away.
Kaoru closes the book and gets up, very angry. She thinks back to what happened some hours before: with a very determined look she asked Miya-sama to meet her under the elm tree to talk to her after the lessons...

[Image of the little doll] Saint Just lies in bed, on her stomach, and looks at the phone receiver, listening to an automatic message telling the exact time...

Tomoko and Mariko say goodbye to Nanako and go back home alone. Nanako decides to go to Saint Just's apartment to see how she's feeling. She goes to the elm tree and sees a shadowed silhouette, thinking it's Saint Just. Then she sees it's Kaoru.
Miya-sama arrives, asking quite arrogantly what Kaoru wants. Kaoru scolds her because she made Rei wait for her for hours under the elm tree while it was raining. Fukiko says she has nothing to share with "that girl".
Kaoru yells at her, saying "did you forget that she's your sister?". Fukiko looks at Kaoru with a challenging look... The two look at each other under the tree...

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