Oniisama e... Anime Episode Summaries

Episode 13
A Tale of Double Suicide

Scenes from the previous episode: under the elm tree Kaoru is scolding Miya-sama because she made Rei wait for her for hours under the rain. Miya-sama tells Kaoru that she has nothing to share with that girl. Kaoru shouts, asking her if she doesn't care at all of her own sister.
Nanako, who is listening unseen, is very surprised. Kaoru turns and sees Nanako, who runs away. Miya-sama turns and starts leaving, but Kaoru tells her to stop. Fukiko tells Kaoru that she should have spared the effort, because she should mind her own business; she knows that it wasn't Rei who asked her to talk to her, and she simply doesn't care if Kaoru despises her. After saying that, she leaves.

Nanako runs, still really surprised that Saint Just is Miya-sama's younger sister.
She goes to Saint Just's flat, thinking that she lives alone, surrounded by mirrors, isolated from the world. She notices that the basket with food she left is still before the door...

Clanging of the level crossing. Nanako is studying, it's evening. She phones Saint Just.
Image of the doll, the bed is empty and unmade. Nanako sits to her desk again to study. She mentally talks to Rei, wondering if she left. She would like Rei to leave her solitary world. She discovered that she's Fukiko's sister, but their family names are different - [Images of mirrors and Fukiko in the mirrors, of the doll, and again mirrors inside mirrors] - . Nanako says she wants Rei to recover from her fever, and to eat regularly, she doesn't want anything else, for the moment. [Image of a mirror shattered].

Miya-sama is playing a dramatic piece at the piano. Saint Just is outside her house, leaning against a street lamp, she's still got a fever. She listens to the music. Miya-sama thinks again of Kaoru's words about Rei. Rei walks away, crunching a pill.
Kaoru gets out of a taxi, running. She finds Rei sitting on the ground, and says she has looked for her for hours. They get into the taxi and head to Saint Just's flat. Kaoru keeps Rei steady, keeping her arm around her friend's shoulders. Rei asks her if she went to the elm tree, and if Fukiko was waiting there for her, if she explained her why she wasn't there. Kaoru doesn't reply, then she tells her to stop with this story, she can't go on like this. She holds her tighter. Saint Just stays silent, with closed eyes.

At Saint Just's flat, Kaoru puts Rei in bed. She answers to the phone that's ringing: it's Nanako, who is relieved to hear Kaoru. The older girl reassures her, saying that Rei is now sleeping, she's still got a fever, but she's going to recover. Nanako says that she's coming to the flat, Kaoru protests that it's too late, but Nanako has already started to wear something to go out. Nanako asks what Saint Just likes to eat; Kaoru says she doesn't know, Rei doesn't eat, she just feeds herself! Nanako says she's arriving, and silently leaves, not seen by her parents.

Rei tells Kaoru that she wants to take a shower. Kaoru says she can't, she's got a fever. Rei sits on the bed, and holds her head between her hands: in her mind, she's hearing the piano piece played by Miya-sama. Kaoru gets close and asks her what's happening. Rei gets up, runs to the shower and opens the tap, then she kneels under the flow of water, still dressed. She feels the water flowing on her face and on her lifted hand. Kaoru looks at her suprised. "If only I could erase everything, feel myself clean again!", Rei says. Kaoru lowers her head, sorry for her friend. Rei slams her hands on the ground, and cries.
Kaoru covers Rei with a towel (Rei is now naked, with only her briefs on). She says she's cold, and Kaoru says it's obvious, what was she expecting? She lays in bed with Rei, naked, holding her desperate friend close in her arms. Rei lies on top of her, and tears flow down her cheeks...

Nanako arrives, with some food. Kaoru opens the door, while still buttoning up her shirt. She lets Nanako in, and tells her that she needs her help to dress Rei. Nanako is surprised. Kaoru holds up Rei's beautiful naked body, while Nanako puts a nightgown on Rei, and then lays her body on the bed. Nanako tells that Saint Just never woke up during the time she was in the flat.

Kaoru walks together with Nanako on a bridge. She's worried because the girl slept too little, but Nanako explains she's used to it. They watch together at the dawn. Kaoru says they will have to wait, sooner or later Saint Just will finally tell about her pain, and she will wait for that moment. Even if it's not easy to deal with a person like Rei! She says goodbye to Nanako, they'll meet at school.
Nanako looks at Kaoru going away. She thinks about the relationship between Rei and Kaoru, so different from the relationship between her and Tomoko. Kaoru is only by one year older than her, but she's so patient, kind and generous. This suprises Nanako a lot. Maybe it's a kind of destiny that bonds Saint Just and Kaoru?

The garden of Seiran. Tomoko, Mariko and Nanako are having lunch. Tomoko jokes on their cruel destiny: exams! It's terrible to think about them, in that wonderful nature surrounding them. Tomoko envies the other two, because the Sorority helps them. Then she asks their exercise-books to copy their notes!

Miya-sama is walking along an open corridor, and with the corner of her eyes she sees Rei next to the elm tree. She turns, very surprised, but nobody is there.
After lunch, some rumours start spreading: somebody heard piano music in the music hall, which was empty; then others heard the noise of steps up and down the stairs of the northern wing of the institute. Then all the students say they heard the sound of soft crying under the elm.
Mariko explains to Tomoko and Nanako that when exams approach, strange rumours start spreading. That's because all the students are more nervous; it's a Seiran tradition. Last year, they said that they saw someone playing the piano. There were two women: one was very beautiful, and wore a white smoking, the other was younger, and wore an akama. They walked up and down the stairs of the northern wing, hand in hand. Maybe they were two students of Seiran of the 20s, two lovers without a happy future. They were found dead under the elm, they suicided cutting each other their wrists. It seems that their ghosts appear before the exams...

Tomoko is saddened by the story. Nanako asks why they preferred to die in such a tremendous way. Mariko answers she doesn't know, but it's a joy to die together with the person you love. They look at each other. Tomoko interrupts them, Mariko goes to the Sorority house, she'll wait there for Nanako. Tomoko says bye to Nanako, then she asks her what's happening to her. Nanako doesn't reply, then Tomoko says goodbye again and leaves.

The music of a piano comes from the music hall. It seems it's Rei. Nanako and Miya-sama hear it and run to the room. Fukiko opens the door, but nobody is there. Nanako looks unseen from behind the door. Fukiko goes next to the piano. A shadow suddenly appears against the windows. Fukiko is scared. Saint Just comes in, and greets her sister with a hallucinated look on her face. Fukiko, now more confident, asks Rei how she is. "I've waited for you for hours!" Saint Just says. Fukiko says that she know she's got a fever, then she gets closer to Rei and makes her bow. She rests her cheek on Saint Just's forehead. Fukiko tells her to take care of herself, and to go back home, because she's still weak. Saint Just falls on her knees at her sister's feet. Miya-sama looks at her and goes away, laughing exultant.
Saint Just laughs histerically, in tears, and Nanako comes into the room and tells her to calm down. Saint Just gets on her feet, runs to the balcony, and jumps down, landing safe and sound - her fall was softened by a tree - . She runs away.

Nanako starts looking for her. She climbs the stairs of  the clock tower. She opens the trapdoor to the clock room, and her arm is grabbed by Saint Just, who lifts Nanako inside the room, and hugs her, calling her "Fukiko!". Rei holds Nanako tight in her arms, saying she has waited for her for such a long time, she knew she would keep her promise. She looks at Nanako in a state of excitement, saying she surely didn't forget that she promised they would die together one day. Nanako is terrified, and understands that Saint Just is delirious...

Episode 14
The Secret Door

In the clock tower, Saint Just grabs Nanako's arm, lifts her inside the room, thinking it's Fukiko, and says she has waited for her to keep her promise to die together, while hugging Nanako delirious.

Nanako tries to escape, saying she's not Fukiko, but Rei stops her and holds her tight in her arms. Nanako notices there are some pills scattered on the floor. Rei says she never takes off the bracelet that she gave her.
Nanako tries again to escape, but Rei stops her again, and hugs her from behind. Rei says that it isn't worth to keep living - image of a meadow full of flowers, Fukiko cuts Rei's wrist, and Saint Just is on her knees, happy, "because we'll be forever together; we would only suffer while alive!"- Saint Just shows Nanako a knife, now it's time to end their sufferings. Nanako pushes Saint Just away, tries to escape (Saint Just only sees Fukiko who's running away). Rei stops her and pushes Nanako against the wall, where the silhouette of Fukiko is drawn. "Don't be afraid, I'll help you to die!", she says. Rei deals a stab, Nanako screams and moves on one side, and the knife hits the spot of the silhouette corresponding to its heart. Saint Just seems to get back to herself, and looks at Nanako with dismay, while Nanako in tears tells her again she's not Miya-sama, and begs her not to hurt her. Tears start flowing down Rei's cheeks too: the girl realized it's Nanako and kneels at her feet, crying bitterly, holding to Nanako's arms. Nanako looks at Saint Just, who's so desperate, and crying, she kneels too, folding Rei's shoulders. Image of the silhouette with the knife stuck in it. Saint Just and Nanako cry together, holding each other...

It's sunset. On the train home, Nanako tells her "oniisama" that the feeling for Fukiko she saw in Saint Just's eyes while she was hallucinating seemed very deep, it seemed... love! She thinks of Saint Just's bracelet, which the girl never takes off. She also thinks that the scar on her wrist could be the result of the failed attempt of a love suicide between Saint Just and Miya-sama!

At school, Nanako goes to Rei's classroom, and notices she's not there. Miya-sama appears and asks her what a student of the first year is doing near a class of the second year. Fukiko also says she noticed that Nanako didn't go often to the studying group, and points out that there's not so much time to get prepared for the exams; she must work hard and don't be distracted by other things. Fukiko then goes away, glancing stealthly at Nanako. Nanako says nothing and just looks at the older girl leaving.
Then she goes to Saint Just's flat. She notices that the shutters are closed. She rings the bell, but nobody replies, the door is open and she shyly enters. She finds Rei lying motionless in bed. Nanako calls her, alarmed, because she saw several pills scattered on the floor. Saint Just wakes up, and says she fell deeply asleep because of the pills. She tries to take some other pills, and Nanako tries to stop her: "Stop! You'll kill yourself this way!". Image of the sad doll. Saint Just finally swallows a pill, and Nanako looks really sad. She tells Rei that she should lock the door of the flat when she goes to sleep, thieves could enter. Saint Just says that it doesn't matter, they could take whatever they want, even her own life. She laughs mockingly. Nanako stays silent, and remains on her knees, next to Rei's bed...

On the bus to school, Tomoko and Nanako talk about the exams. Tomoko says that Nanako is lucky, because she is helped by the Sorority studying group, but Nanako says she has also a lot of responsabilities. Tomoko admits that it's true, because she's always under pressure. Walking on the school courtyard, Tomoko asks Nanako to study together, but Nanako is silent. Tomoko laughs, and says that Nanako has still secrets she doesn't tell her, but it doesn't matter. She says bye to her friend.

During the lessons (music in the background) Nanako thinks smiling about what she could cook for Saint Just. Mariko calls her and tells her to take notes.
At the end of the lessons, Mariko looks for Nanako to make a French translation together, but Nanako already left. Kaoru, who's still in the classroom, says smiling that Nanako seems quite distracted lately. Mariko agrees. Kaoru offers to help Mariko with her translation, Mariko is really happy about it and gladly accepts.

Nanako is at Saint Just's apartment. Rei is eating with relish a cake Nanako cooked for her. Nanako is glad of it, and takes some samdwiches with meat to the kitchen, and sees there's a mess!  Smiling, she starts tidying the room and washing the dishes. She notices a cigarette not completely smoken on the ashtray, she takes it and looks at it...
While washing the dishes Nanako notices a heap of pills, she's going to throw them in the trashcan, but Saint Just enters running, telling Nanako to mind her own business. Nanako refuses to give her the pills, but Rei "fights" and the pills finally fall on the floor. Rei starts collecting them, and harshly tells Nanako to go back home, she didn't ask her to come. Nanako runs away in tears, Saint Just turns while she leaves and looks at her, a bit sorry...

Nanako is on the beach, at sunset. She thinks Saint Just will just hurt herself with all those pills, she just wanted to help her, but now she has lost the courage to go back to her flat. She thinks again about Rei's words against her. Nanako sings softly, curled up near an old boat on the shore. She cries silently. Saint Just slowly walks towards her. She stops and looks at Nanako, who notices her presence. Then she walks on towards the shore, and says that she hasn't seen the sea for a long time. Nanako runs towards her...

Back in Saint Just's flat, Nanako offers her a cup of coffee. Rei smiles and tells her she didn't need to "escort" her home. She notices that soon there will be the exams, and that Nanako uses some memos. Nanako looks a bit embarassed, Rei giggles. She swears that she won't take other pills for today, "ma cherie la poupée". Nanako asks Rei if the doll - Rei is keeping it in her arms - has a sentimental significance for her. Rei looks at Nanako in silence, then rests her face on the doll. Nanako says it's late and she must go, Saint Just nods. While walking away, Nanako wonders what is hidden behind those sad eyes, what is the secret of Rei's melancholy. In the meantime, Saint Just notices that Nanako forgot the memos.

Takashi goes out of the elevator, and stops to greet Nanako. Nanako is surprised, had they already met before? "At the juku!", Takashi reminds her, and Nanako remembers he's the guy who was often with Henmi. Takashi asks her if Takehiko writes to her. "Sometimes", Nanako answers, and Takashi explains that Takehiko is lazy when he must write...
There is Saint Just's shadow in foreground, and in the background Nanako asks Takashi if he lives in that building. Takashi says that "a dear friend" of his lives there. They say goodbye to each other when the elevator arrives. Saint Just is waiting leaning against the door of her flat and with Nanako's memos in her hand. "A dear friend? Liar!", she says smiling to Takashi, who greets her, serious. Outside, Nanako notices that she forgot the memos. It is raining. She looks towards the flat, and then says smiling to herself that she can manage also without them.

In the living room, Takashi asks Rei if Nanako often comes to visit her. "More often than you...", Rei says. Then she asks him what's the reason for his visit. Takashi says he just wanted to see how Rei was. Rei ironically says it's kind of him. She lights up a cigarette, and Takashi tells her that smoking is unhealthy and she should stop. He receives smoke on his face...

At her home, Nanako sits at her desk and opens the handkerchief where she hid the cigarette-end she took at Rei's flat. She looks at it with a dreaming expression on her face. She says to her "oniisama" that it's a secret and she can't tell him about it... It's a rainy night.

The next morning Tomoko scolds Nanako because she's late; on the train to school they are nervous for the exams and tease each other. They say goodbye to each other at the lockers, and Tomoko cheerfully wishes Nanako good luck.
Nanako is climbing the stairs, and Saint Just is waiting for her at the top. Nanako stops when she sees her and Rei gives her the memos. "Here they are!", she says, and then waves goodbye to her younger friend with a gentle smile. Nanako is grateful and glad.

The students greet Saint Just with their usual enthusiasm. Kaoru teases Rei, saying she's surprised to see her there, on the first day of exams. Saint Just walks on, and says she can't always force the teachers to prepare special tests for her. Kaoru smiles.
In her classroom, Nanako starts her first test. "The exams have begun...", she says to her oniisama.

Episode 15
Fukiko; The Sea Rumbles

Nanako is shopping with Tomoko and is trying to choose a dress for an incoming trip in Miya-sama's yacht and a Sorority party in a villa on the coast. They shop around, and at the end of the day Tomoko talks of the results of the exams, which will be affixed soon. She comments about the pression the Sorority members must endure, because they must have among the best 50 results in the ranking. She encourages Nanako, who is a bit nervous about it.

At school, Tomoko congratulates Nanako and Mariko, who are among the first 50! Nakaya, another junior Sorority member, is among the first 70, and runs away in tears. Two friends of hers explain that she had got a high fever during the exams and couldn't do better.

During the English class, Nanako thinks that now, after she passed the exams of the first term, the Seiran institute is more familiar to her. Now she knows about the strange relationship between Saint Just and Miya-sama, about Prince Kaoru's health problems; she doesn't understand all this, but she accepts it, like the imposing buildings of Seiran. However, she can't understand what happened at the Sorority House after the lessons:
A special meeting is held to evaluate the exam results, "like a trial", Nanako thinks.
Miya-sama tells Jinko Nakaya to stand up, and says it's highly dishonourable that because of her there's a special meeting. Nakaya asks for forgiveness. Fukiko reads all the marks obtained by Nakaya, who is globally the 73rd student of the first year. It's dishonourable, because she's not among the first 50. The rule is clear: Fukiko invites her to resign within a week! Nakaya is petrified. She begs Miya-sama, who is going away, to let her stay in the Sorority, she'll do better in the next exams. Miya-sama coldly says that she can send her resignation by mail, without meeting personally. Nakaya asks her two friends to support her, and explain to Miya-sama that she was ill. Her friends bow their head, staying silent. Nanako instinctively tells Miya-sama that Nakaya was ill during the exams, and in that condition it's difficult do pass them. Miya-sama turns, in the general amazement, and Nanako asks her to consider again her decision. "Moreover, it isn't fair to judge her basing only on one exam, she should have another chance!", Nanako adds. Miya-sama starts laughing, saying it's an admirable defense, but there's no justification for such a dishonourable result for a Sorority member. It's a tradition. "Maybe you should thank someone for your admission among us...", Fukiko says with a freezing tone, and leaves. Nanako is shocked.

On their way home, Mariko scolds Nanako because she dared to oppose to Miya-sama. Mariko suggests her to send some flowers to Fukiko to apologize. Nanako can only think about those words ("Maybe you should thank someone for your admission among us..."), and stops at the usual place with the swings. She wonders who might be that "someone", and thinks back to those older students who had accused her of cheating, and to the accusation of Misaki, Furuta and Sonobe that Nanako's admission was a mistake.
It's sunset, a train passes...

Nakaya goes to a café near the harbour to find Monna Lisa and Oshino [the girl always wearing a red ribbon to tie her hair], who are talking about the Sorority party on the coast. Nakaya begs them to ask Miya-sama to consider again her decision. Oshino says that they would risk to compromise their own position with Miya-sama, and lights up a cigarette. Monna Lisa, turned and looking at the sea, offers Nakaya a cup of tea. Nakaya refuses and leaves.

In the evening, Nakaya runs towards Miya-sama, who is coming home, and offers her a bouquet of roses. Miya-sama ignores her, and Nakaya falls. Fukiko looks at her coldly while entering home, and starts playing the piano; her face is in shadow...

It's a sunny day, and on Fukiko's yacht all the Sorority members are having fun, except Nanako, who looks absent-minded. Mariko asks her what's worrying her, and Nanako explains that she has waited for that moment of relax for a long time, but now she can only think of Nakaya who's forced to leave the Sorority because of Miya-sama's decision; Fukiko can do whatever she likes and she's the one who wanted her in the association. "Why?", Nanako asks. Mariko answers that she doesn't know, but things have always been this way. Nanako is sorry because she wasn't chosen for her qualities, it's only a fraud, just now that she started feeling more confortable at Seiran...
Outside, Miya-sama is toasting with the other members.

At the party, Fukiko notices that Nanako is keeping apart on the terrace, looking at the sea.
She walks to Nanako and asks her if she's still angry with her because of what she said. "Yes", Nanako admits. Fukiko tells her that she was elected with the majority of the votes, following the rules. Then she goes down the stairs towards the reef, she smiles to Nanako and waves her hand, inviting the girl to reach her there.
Fukiko places her hand on Nanako's cheek, and tells her that that day she reacted to her opposition without thinking, and maybe Nanako was offended. "Even if I recommended you personally, you were elected regularly with the votes of the senior members.", Fukiko assures.
A butterfly flies around the lamp. A big wave crashes against the rocks. "This set off the hate of the other students, and you suffered because of this, please forgive me!", Fukiko says. Nanako says there's no need for excuses, and Miya-sama embraces her, and caresses her hair, saying that her hair are soft and her skin is smooth - Fukiko's eyes look malevolent - Nanako stands there, quite astonished.

Fukiko walks barefoot on the shore, and Nanako follows her, noticing how her skin is like the snow, her eyes are so cold and distant... sometimes she looks like Saint Just. "Are they really sisters?", Nanako wonders. She tells her oniisama that "the different aspects of Miya-sama's characters that I saw that night were even more complex than Saint Just's, more mysterious and obscure. I noticed some flashes of sadness in her eyes..."
On the stairs to the villa, Fukiko calls Nanako, and asks if she is in contact with any men.Nanako tells her that she usually writes to an "older brother". Fukiko climbs a step upper and entwines her fingers with Nanako's, ordering her not to write to him anymore. Nanako says she'll obey. "Oniisama, I lied", Nanako tells, because she decided to keep writing to him in secret, because she's the one who chooses what to do in her life.
Fukiko keeps climbing the stairs, and Nanako wonders why Miya-sama wants her to end the contacts with him.

Clanging of the level crossing. Tomoko phones to Nanako and asks her to tell about the party. Nanako says that it was nothing special, and she's very tired because of the salty air. Nanako says bye to Tomoko because she receives a notification of waiting call. Then she wears some clothes and goes out.
Nakaya is waiting for her in the nearby little park. She says that she sent her resignations from the Sorority to Miya-sama. Nanako asks her why. Nakaya tells that she has always dreamt of being among the beautiful and refined chosen ones of the Sorority, but "it was an illusion". After 3 months, she wonders if she really liked it, she asks herself with tears in her eyes. Nanako looks at Nakaya, sorry for her.
Nakaya tells Nanako that she has always felt a bit hostile towards her, because she was Miya-sama's favourite, and apologizes for this. Nanako says she mustn't.
Nakaya pins a paper-made flower in Nanako's breast-pocket, and thanks her because she supported her position that day at the Sorority House. "I'll never forget it, you're a true friend!", she says, and runs away. Nanako tells her that she doesn't like the Sorority too. Nakaya turns and smiles; Nanako smiles too and tells her oniisama that the season of "dreams" for her is over...

Episode 16

It's late in the evening. Kaoru phones Rei and reminds her of the old times, when they used to play basketball all the time, because they had fun and they had a rivalry. Rei emerges from her sheets, annoyed because Kaoru told her this story a thousand times: she's tired and says good-night. But Kaoru reminds her that she's still a member of their team. Rei places the phone on her bed, saying she isn't interested, and is going back to sleep. "The shirt with your number is still available, nobody will wear it until you come back to play.", Kaoru says. But Rei hangs up the phone...

Kaoru is training at the Seiran, under the reflectors. It's late, and Rei arrives, teasing her. "Is your sweat a sign of youth or the price to pay to forget your worries?", Rei asks. Kaoru tells her with a smile that she hasn't any worries. Rei points out that she's there to watch, not to play. Kaoru continues her training, and Rei chats about her friend's skills. Kaoru says she's not so talented, not like Rei.
Saint Just tells Kaoru that there's a fan who's been watching her for hours, hiding. Kaoru calls towards her, but the "shadow" runs away. Saint Just follows her laughing, reaches her and takes her to Kaoru... it's Mariko, who points out that she's not a fan of Kaoru. Kaoru greets her cheerfully, and says it's true, she's not a fan.
Saint Just asks what she was doing, hiding there, since there are no lessons at that hour! Mariko loftly says that she's checking Kaoru's progress: Kaoru is coming back to competitions, she doesn't want her to waste her energy, and she can't stay at home quiet. Saint Just wonders "and isn't this a fan???". Mariko protests that Rei's wrong, then gives a present to Kaoru and runs away. Saint Just asks her friend what it is. "A vitaminic drink...", Kaoru notices, a bit perplexed...

Image of the level crossing. Nanako looks serene and is writing to her oniisama about Kaoru's comeback to competitions...

On the bus to school, Mariko is surprised that Tomoko won't come with her and Nanako to the basketball match - Tomoko has cooking classes - . Kaoru's comeback is very important. Tomoko doesn't look interested, and Mariko says it's wonderful to see Kaoru playing, and explains some basic rules of basket. Tomoko notices that Mariko always talks of Kaoru, and teases her, "are you infatuated?". Mariko says no, but Tomoko says she blushed! Mariko protests that Tomoko always teases her...
The three girls say good-bye at the entrance. At the lockers, Nanako notices that many students are surrounding Prince Kaoru, Mariko glances at them and then leaves annoyed. Kaoru turns and notices her, Nanako looks at the scene smiling...
Nanako is climbing the stairs to her classroom, and Saint Just greets her from behind her shoulders. Nanako turns, surprised and glad to see her. Saint Just smiles and apologizes if she scared her. Nanako greets Rei. Saint Just reaches her and says that she looks very well; Nanako asks her how she is, "as usual", Rei answers, giggling.
She continues climbing the stairs and waves goodbye to her younger friend. Nanako thinks: "Today, I feel that it's going to be a wonderful day..."

Kaoru is alone in the changing room. The coach calls her, and says that all the team is already in the playground. Kaoru explains she's nervous, she can't allow herself to lose. The coach tells her to stay calm, "you can't make up for the time you lost all at once. Don't overdo!" Kaoru thinks she wants to win, because only in this way she will be able to forget - images of firelflies in the night, and Kaoru saying: "I'll forget you because I love you, I'll forget you because I loved you, and I'll eventually forget I forgot..." -

Kaoru is leaving the changing room, Miya-sama and two Sorority members offer her a bouquet of flowers, a gift from the Sorority to wish her new victories. Kaoru says she's not a Sorority member. Miya-sama says that they'd be glad to have her among the new members. Kaoru explains that she recognizes the existence of the association, but refuses to accept them as its representatives. "Let me pass!", she says determined. Miya-sama, surprised, calls her. Kaoru says: "First you accept Rei Asaka again in the basketball team, then maybe I'll consider to accept your flowers!". She says goodbye, leaving the three girls behind.

The match begins. Kaoru plays enthusiastically, supported by all the students, Mariko and Nanako. Saint Just reaches the gymnasium, and smiles. The opposing team decides to focus on Kaoru: they tie and then take the lead. Kaoru is particularly tired, because her adversaries are always controlling her movements. Saint Just looks worried from the stands. But Kaoru reacts with incredible grit.
During a time-out, the coach tells her not to overdo. Kaoru says she won't give up. Under the basket - images of fireflies - an adversary hits Kaoru on her breast, and she feels a sharp pain. Some blood stains her shirt, and Kaoru falls in pain, keeping her hand on the wound. Everybody runs around her, worried, Mariko runs down from the stands. The members of the opposing team are perplexed because of the blood. The coach calls a stretcher, but Kaoru gets up, pushing everyone away, and calls Rei desperately. She finds her friend in front of herself, and Rei puts a hand on her shoulder, telling her to calm down. She supports her towards the exit. After a while Kaoru tells Rei to stop, and says she feels better now. Kaoru asks Rei to take her place in the team, and tells this to the coach.
Rei is surprised, but after a while the famous "number 16" starts playing. Saint Just plays wonderfully and leads her team. Nanako tells that Saint Just is full of energy, her eyes are proud and shining, reflecting her youth. She has never seen Rei this way before, so alive. Nanako is charmed by her, by the re-birth of this energy inside her. Nanako notices also that Mariko looks tense and too silent...

Fukiko is riding on her horse. She starts running, quite pissed off. Flashback to some time before: they told her that Rei is playing, taking Kaoru's place. Fukiko asks who won the match. Back to present, she jumps an obstacle with her horse, and laughs in triumph...

Mariko runs, looking desperately for Kaoru, but the girl is not in the school infirmary... Nanako follows her.
At the hospital, Rei reaches Kaoru, and tells her about the final moments of the match: she tried to score from a large distance, but she missed the shot. Kaoru is happy and grateful. The two friends laugh together.
In the meantime, Mariko reaches the hospital. Rei asks Kaoru how is her wound, which had reopened. Kaoru says it is ok now. They hear noises outside, and Rei goes out of the room, worried. She asks quite annoyed if Nanako and Mariko heard anything of what they were saying. Nanako explains that they've just arrived. Mariko asks nervously how is Kaoru, Rei says she's ok now and tries to stop her but Mariko pushes her away and rushes inside the room.
Kaoru thanks Mariko with a smile, noticing her impetuosity. Mariko, with tears in her eyes, says that it was Nanako who wanted to see how Kaoru was. On the door, Nanako is surprised, and Rei smiles. Mariko asks if Kaoru is really glad to see her, and Kaoru confirms. Mariko starts crying openly, saying that this makes her really happy...
Leaving the room with Rei, Nanako tells that that day it was not Kaoru or Saint Just, but Mariko who had experienced wonderful events, maybe understanding that she was in love with her heroine...

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