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This directory hosted the original Oniisama e opening (Bowls of Gold; Bowls of Silver - Vocalist: Takata Satomi) and ending (Capricious Fairy - Vocalist: Noda Takako) in MPEG format (thanks Alex!):

Since this directory is no longer available, you can download the two songs, in a smaller size, from this webpage. Bowls of Gold; Bowls of Silver (1,77 MB), and Capricious Fairy (1,18MB) are here.


*Update* A CD collecting some of Kentaro Haneda’s soundtracks, performed by Haneda Symphonic Orchestra, was published in 2003, “Haneken Land - Kentaro Haneda Sono Eizo Ongaku no Sekai. There you can find four tracks used in the Oniisama e… soundtrack (the piano piece performed both by Rei and Fukiko, in particular). You can find a link to download and listen to them in the comments to this entry , in the Oniisama e..  Livejournal community.

All the files in this section are in Wave format (mono 16bit, 22KHz). The files are taken from the Italian version. The sample musics come from ep. 13, 14 and 19. Some of the files are Zipped, so ensure you have Winzip or other programs to unzip files.  To download the files, click on the links and follow the instructions from the website you reached.

 The sound section is not zipped and is made of some extracts from the dialogues in the Italian version, so, just in case you are curious, you can listen to Kaoru, Tomoko and Rei's Italian voices...

*New* The guitar piece in episode 14 (Rei reaches Nanako on the beach) (961KB)

Sample music from episode 19 (27 sec. - 890KB)

Sample music from episode 14 (Fukiko leaves Nanako behind) (516KB)

Sample music from episode 14 (Nanako is outside of Rei's apartment) (1,04MB)

The piano music played by Fukiko in ep. 13 (40 sec. - 1,53MB - Zip)


Voices (in Italian)

Kaoru ( 18 sec. - 792K):

"I'll forget you because I love you, I'll forget you because I loved you... and in the end, I'll even manage to forget I forgot... because I love you so much..."

Tomoko (13 sec. - 570K ):

"Hate, rivality, jealousy, it's worse than a soap opera! I thought [the Sorority] was based on forgiveness and understanding, not on malice and revenge, it's a criminal gang!"

Rei (to Nanako) ( 13 sec. - 555K):

"I needed to talk to someone sincere, limpid, warm... frail but also very strong... and so sweet! I wanted to open my heart to a girl like you..."

Rei (5 sec. - 215K ):

"My life has no meaning at all if I can't protect the things she's proud of!"

*UPDATE* Audio files previously hosted in the section "Passages from the script" (where you find the written transcriptions of the files you listen here):

- Kaoru describing Saint Just in Ep.7: (Mono16bit, 22KHz, 70 sec., 2,30MB, zip)

- Kaoru tells about her illness and her attitude towards life in Ep.9: (Mono16bit, 22KHz, 46 sec., 1,38MB)

- Saint Just's dream in Ep. 12: (Mono16bit, 22KHz, 49 sec., 1,65MB)

- Nanako listens to a piece for violin, played by Lady Miya in Ep.22: (Mono16bit, 22KHz, 75 sec., 2,35MB)

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