Oniisama E... Manga Synopsis

Manga Volume Two

Nanako is quite nervous when she enters the magnificent hotel. She hasn't the time to thank Mariko for inviting her, as Mariko immediately grabs her and thanks her for coming, then introduces her new friend to her mother. A band plays in the background and Nanako asks where the other guests are. Mariko explains, to Nanako's disbelief, that she's the only guest: Mariko and her mother always celebrate the birthday alone, moreover, Mariko adds, even if she invited someone, nobody would come...

At Mariko's home, Nanako tells Mariko she'd like to come and visit her more often. Mariko at first reacts coldly, then thanks Nanako holding her hands, and invites her to take a bath together. Mariko compliments Nanako for her perfect skin. At Nanako's embarrassment, Mariko smiles, saying she likes beautiful things, like her own body: she looks at the mirror with Nanako, telling she likes looking at herself for hours: she cannot wait to become an adult. Nanako considers that Mariko's body is more well-shaped than hers...

At the end of the bath, Nanako says it's late and she must go home. Mariko begs her to sleep at her home that night, but Nanako says she'll sleep there another time and she must ask for her mother's permission first. Mariko changes expression, places herself in front of the door and tells Nanako that if she goes away she'll kill her!

When Nanako insists, Mariko pushes her away and closes the upset girl inside of the room, locking the door from the outside. Mariko's mother intervenes and Nanako runs away in tears, but Mariko grabs her hair, determined not to let her go. Nanako finally manages to fly away, leaving a despairing Mariko behind.

At school, Nanako completely ignores Mariko and turns away when she tries to approach her to apologize.

Lunch time: Nanako has problems trying to reach a bottle of milk and coffee, but Kaoru takes some for her and they start talking. Nanako learns that Saint Just is a member of the basketball team, and Kaoru kindly teases Nanako for her relationship with Mariko, underlying how they are often together. Suddenly, Kaoru turns pale and grabs her chest. Leaning on the wall in pain, she asks Nanako to find Rei and ask her for a sedative.

Nanako immediately looks for Rei, and finds she's at the top of a staircase playing a guitar, surrounded by adoring girls. Despite Nanako repeatedly calls for her, Rei seems not to hear her. In the attempt to attract her attention, Nanako is pushed down by the other girls. She rumbles down the stairs, and finally Rei notices her and comes down.

Nanako immediately asks for the sedatives for Kaoru, but Saint Just starts laughing, teasing Kaoru. Nanako slaps her, really vexed, and tells Rei that her friend is really in pain and there's nothing to laugh at. Rei looks at her in disbelief (and almost in respect), and after searching her pockets full of every kind of pills, she finally gives Nanako the right ones. She seriously looks at the younger girl, calling her "little doll" and complimenting her for the slap. While all the girls comments that Nanako is an insolent who dared to slap Saint Just, Nanako thinks that Rei wanted to tease her, calling her "little doll", while Rei is impressed that her "little doll" slapped her.

On the way back, Nanako meets Miya-sama, who asks her why she was talking to Rei Asaka. When Nanako explains why, Fukiko seems relieved, but then advices Nanako not to get too close to Rei, for her own sake... She then tells her not to retire from the Sorority, otherwise the rumours about her could be considered true. Fukiko assures Nanako that she will protect her from everyone disturbing her. Nanako is quite perplexed.

At home, Nanako's mother sees a letter for Nanako and discovers the sender is Takehiko Henmi. She goes to the young man's home and they have a clarifying talk: Takehiko reveals that for a while he hated her because she had stolen his father from him, but after his mother's death, prof. Misonoo had kept sending him money regularly to support him. Now Takehiko feels only gratitude for them. He then says he feels a deep affection for Nanako, even if she's not his real sister, and that's why he accepted to have a correspondence with her, to give her his support as a real brother. Nanako's mother asks Takehiko not to reveal Nanako that prof. Misonoo has another son except her. Nobody ever told her about this, and Nanako would soffer knowing the truth. Takehiko says he won't tell Nanako about this, and that he will only be a friend who listens to the young girl's confessions.

It is raining, and Takehiko is recalling a rainy day when he was a kid. He was behind a hedge, looking at a window, hearing his father playing with little Nanako. He felt so alone, because his father used to play with him, and now he belongs to others...

In the meantime, at home, Nanako had started reading a biography of Saint Just, the historical character that had a leading role during The Terror, called "The Angel of Death". Nanako wonders if a shade of death is what's hidden behind the mysterious face of Rei. Why is she called Saint Just? She falls asleep, holding the book in her arms.

At school both Kaoru and Nanako notice that Mariko hasn't eaten anything for lunch for some days.

Kaoru is training the class at volleyball, when something falls on her head from above: it's Rei, who is sharpening a pencil at the window. Kaoru tells her to come down, and Rei jokingly puts herself on the window-sill. Everyone is horrified at Rei's action, but the French teacher calls Rei from inside the class, and everything goes back to normal. Once again Nanako is fashinated by "the angel of death".

During the volleyball training, Mariko faints. Kaoru takes her to the infirmary. Nanako calls Mariko's mother, telling her that Mariko suffers from anaemia caused by underfeeding. Mariko's mother explains that Mariko refuses to eat anything until Nanako forgives her for what happened that night, and begs Nanako to forgive her daughter.

Nanako is shocked, because Mariko is ill because of her. She goes to the infirmary, Mariko tells her to go away, she doesn't need her because she has many friends, then starts crying desperately. Nanako approaches her and holds her hand, deeply touched by the girl's affection for her.

The exam period is approaching, and the Sorority members are ready to tutor the younger members and help them obtain the best results, as per Sorority high standards. Fukiko sees Rei in the corridors, and unexpectedly tells her she'll take her home: she just has to wait for her under the elm tree in the court-yard at 5 o' clock. Rei is surprised and accepts.

All the Sorority members are studying, Fukiko invites everyone to have a tea at her house. Under the rain, Nanako is forced to go back to school because she forgot an exercise-book in the classroom. She finds it, then looks out from the window and sees Saint Just under the elm tree, in the rain. Nanako approaches to her, telling her she will get a bad cold if she remains there. A completely wet Rei faints in Nanako's arms. The younger girl takes her home with a taxi, even if Rei protests she wants to get back to the tree to wait for Fukiko.

They reach Rei's apartment, Nanako helps Rei, who is shaking, to open the door, and an incredible spectacle awaits her inside: the walls are full of mirrors of every kind and size. Nanako asks where's Rei's family. Saint Just starts laughing bitterly, explaining she lives alone. She then starts whispering "little doll", and hugs a cute doll that looks very much like Nanako. She shows it to the girl, telling they look alike, and then faints.

When Rei wakes up, Nanako is taking good care of her. She changed her wet clothes and is dampening her forehead with a wet cloth. She tells the older girl that Kaoru is coming, and asks her what she prefers to eat, so she can cook it for her. But Rei smiles, telling there is only freezed stuff in the fridge. Nanako is surprised hearing this.

Kaoru arrives, and directly goes to Rei. She slaps her, asking her if she's aware of what she's doing, but obtains only an indifferent smile from her friend. Kaoru takes Saint Just's arm and removes the bracelet that falls on the ground and reveals a scar on Rei's wrist. Kaoru and Rei fight for the bracelet, Kaoru grabs it and says she will free Rei from Miya-sama's curse. She's going to throw it out of the window but a knife hits the wall just near Kaoru's head. Kaoru turns in surprise and a worn-out Rei asks her to give the bracelet back. Kaoru lets it fall on the floor, Rei takes it and the two friends look at each other in silence for a long time, under Nanako's shocked gaze.

Nanako calls Fukiko's home. When Fukiko asks her what happened, Nanako remembers of Miya-sama's "advice" not to become friends with Rei, and apologizes saying she wasn't feeling well. Fukiko seems not so convinced.

At home, before falling asleep, Nanako thinks of Saint Just, living alone in a cold apartment, surrounded only by mirrors, all by herself, holding tenderly in her arms a little doll looking like her. Nanako starts crying, she doesn't know why but she suddenly feels very alone...

At school, Mariko notices Nanako has a basket full of every kind of food prepared with her own hands. Mariko gets jealous, and asks if there's someone Nanako likes. She grabs Nanako's wrist in anger and says she must tell her everything, without secrets.

Nanako's intention was to go to Saint Just's apartment after school and bring her the food, but she hasn't the courage to do it. She thinks to ask Kaoru to bring the basket to Rei. She looks for her and finds out Kaoru is talking to Fukiko under the elm-tree. Kaoru says she wants to talk about Rei, and when Fukiko coldly says she has nothing to do with Saint Just, Kaoru protests she should be interested to her sister! Fukiko is surprised and asks if Rei told her about this. Kaoru says that maybe she knows many other things that even Fukiko doesn't know...

Nanako is astonished by this truth, wondering why then Saint Just and Miya-sama look at each other with so much hate sometimes. Kaoru notices someone is hearing them, Nanako runs away and a cookie escapes from the basket Nanako was carrying. Kaoru simply collects it.

The following morning, the two girls meet by chance and Kaoru says that Nanako's cookie was really good while walking away. Nanako turns in surprise and wonders what Kaoru will do now that she knows Nanako knows about Rei and Fukiko.

Mariko and Nanako start looking at Kaoru's training, and Mariko notices something is strange about Kaoru's chest, that seems different from the others... She thinks that Kaoru probably isn't suffering from heart diseases, since she runs a lot without any problems.

Mariko and Nanako are going studying at the Sorority house. Miya-sama stops them and asks Nanako if she's having any problems with any subjects. She offers to help her personally, causing the reaction of some girls who start rumouring about Nanako who entered the Sorority only because of Fukiko's support.

In the meantime, Saint Just comes in and calmly looks at her sister. Fukiko provokes her asking what she feels for her now, but Rei answers she feels good because she took a sedative. However, Nanako notices that while Rei's talking she's clenching her fist in anger. She wonders why she must keep all her rage inside of herself, maybe for respect to her sister? Rei goes away, and Nanako suddenly is saddened by the fact that the older girl didn't seem to notice her presence.

Nanako is studying close to Fukiko, and looking at her she realizes that there is something of Saint Just in Miya-sama's face, they have the same refined look, the same silky hair... Nanako starts crying unwillingly, thinking again of Saint Just alone in her apartment. She runs away in tears to everyone's surprise. She thinks of Saint Just, who told her she looks like her doll, but that day didn't even look at her. Nanako feels desperately alone and sad, she wonders why there is so much hate around her. She opens the door of the classroom, and finds Kaoru crying alone in the dark. When Kaoru realizes Nanako is there, she apologizes and tells her she wishes to stay alone. Nanako takes her bag and while she's leaving, Kaoru asks her what's the sense of being born in this world. Nanako says she has never thought about this. She closes the door, wondering why Kaoru too feels alone...

Nanako goes to the clock tower, lead by a strong desire to meet Saint Just. When she reaches the top room, Rei grabs her wrist, convinced that Nanako is Fukiko. Rei says that every single day she has waited for Fukiko to come and keep her promise. Nanako tries to run away, but Rei stops her and holds her tight, telling she's the one who told her to die together! Nanako realizes Rei is delirious because of some pills lying in the corner of the room; Rei shows "Fukiko" the bracelet, saying she has always worn it since the day Fukiko gave it to her. She says there's nothing that can make life worth living, so it's better to die together. Nanako manages to push Rei away, but is cornered. She tells Saint Just to look at her and realize she's not Fukiko, but Rei comes closer with a knife in her hand, saying not to be afraid as she'll help her die. Saint Just delivers a stab, Nanako manages to turn her head in time, pulling Rei's hair aside, and the knife hits the wall next to her face. In tears, Nanako says again she's not Fukiko, and Rei suddenly realizes what happened. She looks sadly at Nanako and starts crying desperately, falling on her knees and embracing the surprised younger girl.

Nanako is in Rei's apartment. Rei sits and Nanako asks her if she's still feeling sick. Rei smiles at her and explains that at first she was feeling sleepy because she had taken a sedative, then she had mixed too many pills. She lights up a cigarette, but starts coughing disgusted. She looks at Nanako offering her the cigarette she lighted. Nanako looks at her, thinking that a demon is talking disguised as an angel, and that Rei touched the cigarette with her lips. Nanako tries to smoke it, but starts coughing, causing Rei's amusement, who says cigarettes don't suit Nanako. Nanako goes away, but stops just outside of the door, still thinking that she smoked a cigarette touched by Rei's lips...

She then sees a young man approaching (Takashi). The boy recognizes her, telling Nanako they met at the cram school. Takashi asks her if Henmi writes her, and says she will probably be invited at the university festival. Nanako asks if he lives in that apartment, but Takashi says he's there to visit a friend. Rei looks from behind the door, an angered look on her face.

A meeting at the Sorority house: Fukiko tells Nakaya, a younger student, that her results at the last exams place her out of the top 50. This is unworthy of a Sorority member, so she must leave the organization. Nanako comes in Nakaya's help, telling Miya-sama Nakaya didn't feel well during the math test, so she should give her another chance: moreover, a person shouldn't be judged because of her results at exams. Fukiko looks at Nanako irritated, and reminds her she wouldn't be there without her help. Nanako is surprised and asks for a clear explaination, but Fukiko changes topic. She then asks Nanako if she has a secret relationship with a boy. Nanako says she exchanges letters with a university student she considers a brother. Fukiko tells her to stop having contacts with him, she will introduce her to better, well educated, rich and refined young men. For this time, she says, she will do nothing for Nanako's mistake (hiding this relationship), provided that Nanako stops writing him. Nanako is really surprised by this order.

Mariko asks Nanako if it's true she is frequenting a boy, and then says she wants Nanako to stop seeing him: men are disgusting, false, violent and shameless creatures, who pretend to be honest and loving. She hates them, and tells Nanako not to trust men, or she will suffer from this...

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