Oniisama E... Manga Synopsis

Manga Volume Three

Kaoru is playing her first basketball match after her long disease: all the Seiran students are cheering for her. However, she seems to be quite tired and the team is losing. Saint Just looks silently from the steps and then leaves through a door; suddenly the referee says there is a change of player for Seiran: to Kaoru's surprise, it's Rei, who decided to help the team. Nanako too on the stands is really happy to see Saint Just playing. Kaoru ironically notices Rei's fans are really happy, and the game starts again. The two friends seem to work very well together, and Kaoru manages to fastly go under the basket. But while she's jumping a rival player hits her chest, the pain is too much and the Prince falls on the ground, her hand on her breast, that covers with... blood! Everyone is shocked, while Kaoru tries to hide her wound: she pushes everyone away from her, desperately calling Rei and allowing only her friend to come near.
While Rei supports her friend, Kaoru asks to leave the playground, and wants to go to the infirmary *alone*. She tells Rei to lead the team and leaves, while everyone wonders what happened to Prince Kaoru. Nanako notices that Mariko suddenly turned very pale and is looking away from the playground.

Rei misses the first of the two free throws given to Seiran as penalty. She looks extremely determined and concentrated. Nanako feels her determination, noticing she had never seen that look on the girl's eyes and face. Rei doesn't miss the second shot and the match goes on, Seiran team lead by Saint Just. But Mariko looks away, worried for Kaoru...

Kaoru is sitting in bed, and turns in surprise seeing Rei at the door. The girl tells her they have lost, and seems a bit disappointed. Kaoru giggles, asking Saint Just if she's sorry for the lost match. "Yes, a bit...", she replies, and Kaoru seems relieved, saying that luckily Rei hasn't lost her interest to life. Rei asks how is her wound, and her friend explains that it had opened, but she had medicated it herself.

They hear a noise, and Rei rushes at the door, seeing Mariko and Nanako. She asks them with a worried look on her face if they had heard everything she and Kaoru had said. Mariko just asks to see Kaoru, but Rei stands at the door, saying they don't have to worry, Kaoru is fine. Mariko insists to see her, because she was bleeding, and when Saint Just tells her she can't enter, Mariko "attacks" her (it seems she wants to scratch the blonde), rushing inside the room.

When Mariko sees Kaoru, sitting and looking calmly at her, her eyes open wide. Kaoru says she didn't imagine that Mariko was woried for her. Mariko turns her head away, looking disdainful, but Kaoru continues, saying she's happy Mariko thought about her, and thanks her. The younger girl starts crying, with her back turned, and sobs, while saying that she thought so much of Kaoru, and was so worried for her... She grabs the curtain, sobbing while Kaoru stands silently behind her.

Nanako goes home and writes a letter to Takehiko. She thinks about Mariko, that firmly dedied she loved Kaoru, who accorting to her was just a "bighead", adding that the older students would never let her choose a person to love; but then Mariko had rushed to the infirmary without thinking of anything, showing her real feelings. Nanako writes that she likes this in Mariko, who isn't able to pretend; she looks like a butterly, flying free..

But while she's writing, an image of her older brother forms on the paper... [Change of scene] Nanako thinks of what Miya-sama told her: not to have contacts with Takehiko. Nanako tries to explain Lady Miya that she has not the kind of relationship Fukiko thinks. Fukiko says: "Maybe at present it's not really love... but in the future it may become love..." Nanako is surprised. Miya-sama says that he would never consider Nanako's feelings, and she will suffer from this. She says it's for Nanako's sake.

When Nanako tries to object, Fukiko gets angry, saying that she didn't think Nanako was so stubborn, and that she likes "sweet persons".
Nanako is almost shocked: she doesn't understand why Fukiko is considering her so stubborn and why she's so interested in her older brother...
Suddenly, Nanako hears some students laughing. They are walking around Saint Just, asking her to sing some songs. Nanako looks silently and intensely at Rei, then goes to the basketball field. She thinks that today Saint Just is different: her smile is like a shadow on her face, her voice is low, and she moves lightly like a ghost. "Yesterday... that strong vitality I felt for a moment... was it really hers? In that moment... was it really her, Rei Asaka?", the girl wonders, remembering moments of the match.

Nanako's heart jumps when Saint Just appears behind her shoulders, saying that Nanako is thinking of Kaoru. The older girl lightly smiles, telling her that unfortunately the basketball team doesn't practise that day. Nanako replies surprised but firmly that she's not thinking of Kaoru, and that Rei is wrong. She doesn't want Rei to believe she likes Kaoru...
Rei looks smiling at Nanako, and invites her to sit down, because she'll sing a song for her. Nanako is really happy Saint Just is going to sing just for her.
But the song is quite strange: it's about a boy who recalls his mother's voice, telling him to work hard, never think to rest, or play, or he would die, that's life... Saint Just stops and looks at Nanako, who is astounded. They start laughing heartily. "When are we going to live?", Rei asks, always laughing. Nanako laughs, then stops, and tears start running down her cheeks. Saint Just looks at her, surprised. Nanako starts crying and runs away, leaving behind a worried-looking Rei.
While running, Nanako thinks she loves Saint Just. She realizes she has loved her for a long time, she loves her so much... Since the first day (the welcome ceremony), when she was in her arms not thinking of anything, since that day her eyes, her heart, have always looked for Rei... She loves her far-away looking expression, her coldness, the cigarette-end, the sad mirror, the lonely doll, everything about her...

Since Nanako is running with her eyes closed, she bumps into Kaoru, who asks her what's happening to her. Nanako doesn't reply, still thinking she loves everything regarding Saint Just. Kaoru insists, worried. Nanako turns to her, coming back to reality, and looks for some moments at Kaoru's face.
Then Nanako asks the older girl if she was really happy when Mariko had rushed into the infirmaty, and cried for her. She begs her to answer. Kaoru is at first surprised; after a while she says: "How could I say I was not happy? When a person showed she thought only about me, with all her heart; her heart was only for me, no everybody else... I was really happy."
"Even if it was a girl?", Nanako asks.
"It's not a matter of gender..." Kaoru replies, "the problem is whether to return or not the love of this person..."
Nanako, while tears run down her face, asks to herself, as if asking to Kaoru "Isn't it annoying to be followed and loved by a person of the same sex?"

Then Kaoru asks Nanako if she knows what's the word for "foam" (or "bubble") in ancient Japanese. Nanako says she doesn't know. "Utakata", Kaoru answers. Nanako notices the word can be found in ancient novels. Kaoru says they speak a beautiful language, delicate and elegant. "The language keeps living for hundreds and thousands of years, like history, even if people and age change... even if life is so fleeting... That's wonderful..."
Nanako looks at her. She realizes that at that moment she wasn't able to really understand Kaoru's words, and couldn't imagine anything about the older girl's future.

Kaoru says that Rei seems to have changed a bit lately; previously she was completely indifferent to life.
Nanako asks if Saint Just and Miya-sama are step-sisters because they have the same father. "More or less", Laoru replies, a bit embarassed. Maybe Saint Just is the child born from the father's lover, and she remained alone after her mother's death, Nanako insists. "Well... but only apparently", Prince Kaoru says. Nanako wonders what this means...

It's morning, and,on the bus to school,  Nanako meets Nakaya, who tells her she decided to leave the Sorority. She cannot stand the situation anymore; she really wanted to be part of that world, but it was only an illusion; its members are cold and cruel.
Nakaya thanks Nanako because she had tried to protect her, and she will never forget it. Nakaya says also that at first she didn't like Nanako because the older students said that Nanako's admission was an order coming directly from Miya-sama. Nanako is shocked at the revelation. She would like to continue the conversation to know more, but the bus is reaching Seiran's stop. As usual, Nanako has problems to get to the door, and this time, she's not the only one: Rei has the same problem! The two girls cannot get off the bus. (There's a cute image of Rei, a bit annoyed, and Nanako, worried)

Saint Just asks Nanako what classes she was supposed to have that morning. Byology, French, Gym... replies Nanako. "I'll give you a lesson of French language... but you'll spend with me all the morning!" Rei offers. They'll go to the Meiji sanctuary. Nanako is surprised because Rei wants to miss school, but she finally accepts. Saint Just plans to leave their bags in a coin-locker in the park, and buy something to eat.

The two girls walk in the park, the birds are chirping, it's definitely a beautiful day. Nanako asks Rei if she often comes to that place, missing school. Saint Just justifies, saying that she misses only some classes, then, realizing that she has no matches for her cigarettes, she leaves to buy them, telling Nanako to wait for her.
Nanako watches Rei leaving, in a rapture: "Beautiful... wonderful... she shines in the cold morning light... just as I guessed... the light makes her more beautiful!", she thinks, dreamy. Inside of herself, Nanako apologizes to her mother for missing school, "...but it's just for today...", she justifies herself.

Suddenly, someone calls the girl from behind. A controller asks her name and address, and why she's not at school. Nanako is petrified by fear. She doesn't know how to reply, and inside of herself she calls for Saint Just's help.
Indeed, Rei appears and, very calmly, she tells the woman that she took Nanako to the park because her school was closed for the anniversary of its foundation. The woman looks at Rei, and leaves apologizing, a bit embarassed.
Rei lights up a cigarette, giggling. "I don't know why, but people always think I'm more than 20... sometimes thay also mistake me for a man!", she says. But Nanako is shaking for the fear she felt, and starts crying. Rei looks at her, feeling sorry. "Sorry... it was my fault...", she apologizes to the crying girl.

Two boys appear. Saint Just and Nanako turn and see Takehiko and Takashi. *All* of them look amazed at seeing each other. Nanako greets Takehiko, and Rei is very surprised by this. When Takehiko asks Nanako why she's there at that hour, Nanako doesn't reply. Takehiko exchanges looks with Rei, seeming to reproach her. Then he turns again to Nanako, smiling, and telling her he will send her the program of the university festival, inviting her. Nanako gladly accepts. Then Takehiko thanks her for her letters, apologizing because he doesn't reply often, but he always reads her letter with a lot of pleasure. Nanako is glad, and asks him if he isn't bored by the things Nanako tells him. Saint Just keeps looking at the two, silent.
Then Takashi tells Rei that she can do whatever she wants, but she shouldn't take Nanako with her. Rei turns to him, obviously the two know each other and Nanako is surprised. "All right... my brother!" Rei replies, with her usual smile. Nanako is now astonished!

Saint Just grabs Nanako's wrist and carries away the girl with her, running. Nanako wonders surprised how that man can be Rei's brother. Takashi and Takehiko look confused at the two girls leaving.
Nanako asks Saint Just to stop, and she also asks her who's that man. Saint Just stops, very surprised at the question. With wide-open eyes she asks Nanako if she didn't know. "What?" Nanako replies. Rei looks down at Nanako, still surprised, then she breathes out, saying: "Takashi Ichinomiya is Fukiko's brother... and of course... also mine..."
Nanako thinks that that man is Miya-sama's brother... so, since Takehiko is his friend, Fukiko knows who Nanako writes to. Then she recalls Nakaya's words ("Your admission to the Sorority had been decided since the beginning... it was an order coming directly from Miya-sama"). Nanako wants to learn more about this matter, she wants to know the truth...

Nanako comes back to reality when Saint Just tells her that such a serious look doesn't suit her, and invites her to eat the sandwiches. Nanako bites a bit of her sandwich, still a bit thoughtful, but immediately stops and spits what she ate! She grabs Saint Just shoulders and shakes her, telling her not to eat the sandwiches, because the meat inside is spoiled. Rei calmly says that she has already eaten them. Nanako wonders how she didn't realize they tasted horribly! Saint Just says she will take some medicines against stomachache and nausea. Nanako sadly realizes how much Rei doesn't take care of her body, and of her life. But now this doesn't matter... They are alone...

Rei smokes a cigarette, lying down on the grass, Nanako sits next to her. Looking up at the sky, Saint Just says it is so blue, so sadly blue... Then she puts the cigarette-end inside a beautiful powder-compact, and lights up another. Nanako asks her why she put it in such a beautiful object, Saint Just tells her that a student of the first year gave her the compact for her cigarette-ends, because she wanted to smoke the cigarettes Saint Just smokes. "How crazy...", she comments.
An angry/jealous look appears on Nanako's face. Very determined, she asks  Rei to give her that cigarette-end. Rei giggles and refuses, telling her she isn't even able to smoke; Nanako insists she can do it. Rei says no again, but Nanako rushes forward to grab the cigarette Rei's holding in her hand. "I can smoke!" she yells.
Slightly annoyed, Saint Just grabs Nanako's wrist, telling her she'll teach her how to smoke. She closes Nanako's nose with her fingers and puts the cigarette on her lips, telling her to breathe in deeply. Nanako gets sick and faints. When she opens her eyes again, birds are chirping, and she lays on the grass, Rei close to her, looking calmly down at her.
Nanako watches her face, and thinks Saint Just's hair are like silk...
"Here you are,... you recovered... You see? You'll never smoke again! You're beautiful just the way you are..." Rei says, smiling gently.
Tears well up in Nanako's eyes. "I love you..." she says, crying. Saint Just's eyes open wide for the surprise. She doesn't say anything, shocked, and only looks at Nanako.
Nanako turns on one side, repeating in tears she loves her so much... "If I had known how this feeling could be choking... it would have been better if we had never met... now... there's nothing else to do... it's no use to regret it", she thinks.

At home, Nanako thinks she was a stupid. She hasn't the courage of looking Rei in the face anymore, to stand up to her gaze... Anyway, Rei will forget everything about her one day... it would have been better to hide her feelings inside of herself, forever... but she really couldn't help it...

Kaoru is training the basketball team. She notices Rei, and is surprised to see her. She asks Saint Just if the team can count on her. Rei answers she's there only to have some physical exercise. Kaoru asks her friend what happened last day, when she took her classmate, Nanako, with her. Since that day, Kaoru adds, the younger girl's behaviour is strange, maybe Rei knows what's happening to her. Rei laughs, seeming a bit vain: "How indelicate, I am embarassed to tell you!", the blonde says. Kaoru scolds her.
Then Saint Just tells Kaoru that Nanako and Takehiko Henmi are friends. Kaoru's heart jumps in her chest at Takehiko's name. "I don't care... I've already forgotten him...", she says. "Really?" Rei asks, sceptical.Then she leaves, and Kaoru lets the ball she was holding fall down from her hands. She stands there, speechless, her hand clenches while she thinks of his name...

Nanako and Mariko walk in a corridor at school. Mariko notices Nanako seems to be always depressed lately, and asks her what's up. Then she sees the Sorority members passing by, and greets Miya-sama. Fukiko says hello to Mariko, but turns her head away seeing Nanako. Mariko asks Nanako if she did something to offend Lady Miya, Nanako says she doesn't think so, but she seems worried.
Then Mariko notices her friend has a programme in her hand. She sees it's for the university festival, and she gets angry. "You were invited by that man, weren't you? You're still in contact with him?! I had told you to leave him!" Mariko shouts, shaking Nanako by her shoulders.Then she calms down, and tells her friend that she'll go with her to the festival, she cannot let her go alone into the lion's den! Nanako's funny reaction to all this: she has no words, her hair are standing on end in her head...

The two girls, well dressed, are ready to go. Mariko, in particular, has all her weapons ready: hairpins, a long nail, an awl, pepper...
Takehiko introduces himself to Mariko. Then it's Takashi's turn: he is surprised Mariko is only 16, and considers himself lucky to enjoy the company of such a pretty girl. Mariko says she has come only to be Nanako's escort. Takashi says she's very smart, and would like to shake her hand. Mariko slaps the boy's hand. She whispers to Nanako's ear that this is the usual approach of men: they pretend to be friends, but it's just a way to get more familiar. Nanako is speechless, Takashi and Takehiko exchange funny, confused looks...

The following scenes are quite funny: Takehiko proposes to go watch a movie... Mariko says it's impossible, because they'd be in the dark! Takashi and Takehiko try everything to enjoy the festival: a cabaret, kiosks, IQ experiments... but Mariko is always on the defensive. While they are sitting at a bar, she tells the two boys to sit away. Takashi bursts out, and says that he understands Mariko has her own preconceptions, but why must she see hidden intentions in everything they do? She has a wrong idea of them. Why is she so prejudiced against men?
Mariko stands up and bangs her fists against the table: "What about you, how do you explain the selfish greed of dominion you all men show, and how do you justify your irresponsible sexual impulse towards every girl? Do you know how many women have suffered because of male's insane sexual instinct?! You can't talk about love closing your eyes before sexual discrimination! To hell mutual understanding!" the girl screams, while Takashi tries to "protect" himself with a raised forearm. ("It's forbidden to read for people under age", says a little manga version of R. Ikeda in the corner)

Then Mariko tells Nanako to go home until there's light. She's very resolute, and leaves, saying that the night turns men into werevolves... Nanako follows her reluctantly. Takehiko is very perplexed, while Takashi, to his friend's surprise, says he likes Mariko. He lights up a cigarette, saying determined he'll conquer her. Henmi looks thoughtful.

Sitting near a tree, Mariko and Nanako are watching the basketball team training outdoor. Mariko notices Saint Just is there, running with the others. Nanako wonders why Mariko has this attitude towards men. Saint Just, sweating, turns towards the girls and looks at Nanako; Nanako is surprised, Rei turns again her head ahead. "Well, " she thinks, sadly and dreamy, "now my heart is not really caring about men... now... I'm choking in a desire that can't be fulfilled..."

Lady Borgia (a Sorority member) calls Nanako, telling her that Lady Miya is waiting for her at the Sorority house. Nanako apologizes to Mariko (who's surprised Nanako must go alone) and leaves.

Fukiko tells Nanako that her brother -Takashi - told her that Nanako had gone to the university festival. Nanako says that the boy she had told her about is Henmi; she asks Fukiko if she already knows him. Fukiko replies she has known about it since the beginning. "Then why?..." Nanako thinks, surprised.
Miya-sama tells Nanako to come closer; she caresses her hair and says that Nanako looks like a doll she once had. "Your hair are soft and wavy... what do you think about me? Do you adore me?" Fukiko then asks. Nanako says that she thinks Fukiko is of course a wonderful woman.
Fukiko tells Nanako to forget Takehiko, because... she loves her, really, since the day of the welcome ceremony!
Nanako is shocked. Fukiko caresses her cheek and kisses her ear, telling her to forget Takehiko. Nanako wants to escape; just then, the door slams and Saint Just appears, stopping Fukiko's action. Almost disgusted, Rei wonders how Fukiko could have sunk so low. She points a finger against her, and tells her to reveal the truth: she loves Takehiko Henmi, that's why she wanted to separate Nanako from him, forcing her to become a Sorority member and turning her into her "servant" (or "lackey"). Nanako is surprised at this revelation: Fukiko loves her "older brother", and that's why she wanted her in the Sorority...
Fukiko runs away, slamming the door. Nanako wants to follow her, but Rei grabs her wrist. She wants to know which of her ears Fukiko touched with her lips. Nanako doesn't reply, Rei finally kisses her right ear (poor Nanako has a rather scared look).

Nanako tells everything to Mariko. She plans to leave the Sorority not only because of Miya-sama's behaviour, but also because she wasn't selected regularly, and couldn't even imagine it. She feels ashamed for being so proud... Mariko begs her to wait before leaving the club. Nanako looks at her friend's face and starts crying. "Up to now, I've never suspected anyone... I've never thought people could hide their thoughts and feelings in this way... If I should believe people normally behave in such a shifty way, it would be too sad... too sad", she says in tears.
Mariko looks really sad. When Nanako asks her what Mariko wanted to tell her, Mariko says it doesn't matter, nothing in particular (but it's clear she's worried for something...).

At the Sorority house, Fukiko scolds Nanako because her exercise at ikebana isn't good. She undoes her work and tells her to be ashamed, they are at the Sorority, not in a restaurant of the suburbs. She tells Nanako to do everything all over again, and orders Mariko not to help her friend. "Here is how ignorant people end... it's a shame, what are her origins?" are the cruel comments of the Sorority members.
Nanako does again her flower composition, but overhears a conversation: some Sorority members are telling Lady Miya that Nanako's selection had been an unpleasant situation, the Sorority is not for rabble; moreover, she was too understanding with Nanako. Fukiko replies that she didn't mean it, now Nanako is too haughty and she'll make her understand that the Sorority is not her social environment.
Poor Nanako runs away in tears, going up the stairs of the clock tower. She wants to leave the Sorority or her nerves will wreck. That place only teaches her to hate and distrust people. Nanako opens the trapdoor to the room where Rei usually smokes. Indeed, the girl realizes that Rei has been there until some moments earlier (she smells the scent of her cigarettes).

Nanako finds Saint Just crouched on some steps downstairs, under the rain. She asks her what she is doing there, worried she will get ill again. "I couldn't..." Rei says, "... even if I've been here for such a long time... Fukiko doesn't come... how many times I've called her in my heart... for how long I've waited for her... but... I won't be able to stay with Fukiko... the both of us, alone..." Rei says in tears, then she starts sobbing.
Nanako realizes her beloved's heart belongs only to Fukiko...

In the meantime, Mariko is waiting for Nanako. Kaoru sees her, greets her, and realizes she doesn't look too happy. She asks Mariko if she's worried for something. Mariko starts saying something, then stops and runs away. Kaoru grabs her hand, telling her to wait, but when Mariko turns, she sees her eyes are full of tears. Mariko starts running again, and Kaoru follows her.

We left Nanako under the rain with Rei. Nanako says she leaves, and recommends Saint Just to take care of herself and be careful not to catch a cold. Rei stops her, gently taking and holding the younger girl's wrist. "Don't... leave...", she begs. "Do you love me?", she then asks Nanako. With tears in her eyes and a sad smile on her lips Nanako replies: "I'm suffering so much... exactly because of this... because of this...". Rei nods, understanding her feelings.
She gently places a hand on Nanako's cheek. The two girls look into each other's eyes, then Rei gently kisses Nanako's cheek/chin, holding the back of her neck with her right hand (the right arm is the one where Rei wears the golden bracelet).
While in the meantime Kaoru reaches Mariko, Nanako feels the bracelet near her face and suddenly realizes that Saint Just didn't try to suicide, because in that case she should wear the bracelet (and have the scar) on her other wrist. She asks Saint Just who wounded her. "Fukiko", is her sad reply. Nanako is shocked; just then, also Mariko and Kaoru arrive on the scene.

Saint Just is dreaming: Fukiko tells her they will die together, to be always together. She tells Rei to give her her hand. Rei asks if she'll follow her in death, and Fukiko says yes. Rei trusts her and gives her her hand; Fukiko cuts her step-sister's wrist with a razor. Rei suddenly awakens in terror. Nanako is looking at her, sitting close to Rei's bed. Saint Just asks where Kaoru is. Nanako says she's alone there, because Kaoru is out with Mariko. Rei looks silent at Nanako...
"I close my eyes...", she says, "and when I open them again... I feel like you've always been by my side... When I don't see you, I always feel like I have to tell you something important... something I have forgotten. Now I remember... It was the morning greeting my mother and me exchanged", Rei explains. She caresses Nanako's cheek and kisses her other cheek, saying "Good morning". Nanako looks at her surprised and happy, while Rei says thanks; she's glad, because she can see her sincere eyes, trying to understand her. She holds Nanako, who's crying, close to her...

Kaoru and Mariko are walking together. It stops raining, and they enter a bookstore, since Kaoru is looking for a book. Inside, Mariko sees a scandal-mongering weekly. She looks surprised, and accidentally hits some books that fall on the ground. Takashi appears and collects one of them, asking Mariko if he can help her, he's good at looking for books. Mariko reacts badly and shouts, calling Kaoru.
Kaoru turns at the call, and sees Takashi, who recognizes her. Kaoru starts running away, Takashi grabs her wrist, telling her to wait. While Mariko looks at the scene, surprised, Takashi asks: "Do you want to run away, and let him suffer?"
"No... you're wrong..." Kaoru answers, troubled.
"You think he's not able to share your distress?! Do you consider him so weak?!", Takashi insists.
"It's not like this!" Kaoru shouts in tears, and runs away. Mariko tells Takashi to stay away, it's his fault if Kaoru offended. Takashi stays there, silent and sorry.

At home, Nanako is writing to Takehiko. She tells her brother she didn't know Fukiko was in love with him, she thinks they would be a beautiful couple. She also writes she decided to leave the Sorority, and asks her brother if she should stop writing to him. Nanako deeply breathes out, and writes she didn't expect all this; she thought her life was so carefree...

Just then, the door bell rings. It's Mariko, looking pale, who just says Nanako's name and runs into her friend's arms, crying. Mariko spends the night there, sleeping in Nanako's bed, but she never utters a word. Nanako can't sleep, worried for her friend.

The next morning, the two girls arrive together at school. Misaki starts insulting Mariko, showing a scandal-mongering weekly, reporting the news about Mariko's father, Shinobu Hikawa: "The popular porno writer is officially divorcing. A story of love and hate: his wife and his lover live under the same roof!". Mariko and Aya look at each other with hate. Nanako realizes that this is what was hurting Mariko so much...
Mariko throws the magazine to Aya, and coldly sits at her desk. But Misaki insists. It's disgusting, she comments, that wife and lover live together; she asks Mariko if her father's lover is and ex-actress, she wants to know more; Mariko silently sharpens her pencils. Nanako tries in vain to stop Misaki. Aya asks Mariko how much money her mother will receive for the divorce, Mariko puts away the magazine Misaki is waving under her nose, and stands up.

Again, Nanako tries to stop Misaki, but Aya says she's not a respectable person like the people at the Sorority, but from now on Mariko will not be so respectable either. Aya throws the magazine against Mariko, saying that, after all these events, she will not be allowed to stay at the Sorority.
Mariko cannot bear these provocations anymore: she rushes against Aya and wounds her arm with the penknife! Everyone is shocked. Aya, upset, tells Mariko she's a murderer, Mariko has a satisfied (but troubled) look on her face. Kaoru enters the classroom, wanting to know what's happening; she sees Aya crying and holding her wounded arm, and everyone worried around her, asking if she's ok. Kaoru turns and sees Mariko, who holds the penknife in her hands. Just then, Mariko realizes what she did, she lets the penknife fall on the ground and runs away, shocked.

Mariko is running under the rain; a sport car, driven by Takashi, suddenly appears and violently brakes. Takashi rushes out of the car, recognizing Mariko; he sees blood in her hands, and asks worried what happened to her. Mariko tells him to leave her alone, while Takashi asks her to get on his car. The girl tells him again to leave her alone and go away, she doesn't need him. "Do you know who is my father?! It's THAT Shinobu Hikawa. Did you understand? If you did, go away, my father is Shinobu Hikawa!", she says, still in shock.
Takashi tells her it doesn't matter, and to get on his car. Mariko yells at the boy that all men are dishonest and immoral, and orders him not to touch her. Takashi slaps her, and Mariko seems to get more quiet. He asks her again to get on his car, or she'll get wet under the rain. Mariko silently cries, sitting next to the boy. "Why is my father leaving my mother?" she wonders in distress. Takashi is surprised at this news. "My mother is not very beautiful", Mariko continues, "but when he was poor or was in trouble... she always supported him... she has always taken care of him... Despite this... he wants to leave her!", poor Mariko says in tears. Takashi is sorry, silent and thoughtful...

At Seiran, the meeting of the headmasters is discussing about the scandal caused by Mariko. But they want to be very careful, because they want to avoid any scandal that can damage Seiran Institute. At school, all the students comments the events. Some says that Mariko will be suspended for a couple of months, some say she should be expelled. Some comments that Aya's wound is not so serious after all; Misaki wants Mariko to be expelled absolutely.
Miya-sama, at the Sorority, says that the absolute majority voted for the expulsion of Mariko Shinobu from the Sorority. She asks if there are objections. Nanako stands up and says she's against. She asks the Sorority members why they are so severe and what the association means to them; she wants to know why the Sorority creates this strong competition between class-mates, and why they believe they are so important. Nanako finally says she is leaving the Sorority, and goes away slemming the door! The older members are shocked, but Lady Miya says to ignore Nanako, they will discuss the matter the next day, at the general student assembly.

Nanako is walking in the gardens. She's happy she managed to leave the Sorority, maybe she should have done it even earlier. Kaoru and Saint Just, who are training in the basketball field outdoor, see Nanako going away. Kaoru asks Rei if she's ready for tomorrow. "Of course!", Rei replies. They both seem sure of themselves (and sort of happy for Nanako...)

It's the day of the special general student assembly. All the students are there. Lady Miya opens the meeting, but Kaoru stands up, saying she has a motion. Fukiko is a bit surprised, but lets Kaoru speak.
Kaoru says she wants to propose the dissolution of the Sorority! Fukiko is astonished, like everybody else in the hall. Lady Miya stammers that this is impossible and the thing can't be discussed, since the Sorority is a tradition of Seiran. "A tradition? I'd rather say it is an illegal trade of people!", Kaoru says. She explains that the Sorority evaluates people, who are sold at an high price in society, like luxury items, considered better than any other people! Every year, she continues, many new students fight and suffer for this absurd superiority contest .
Some students start supporting Kaoru's position, other say there's nothing wrong with having a high social status, privileges, and following the Sorority members' example. Nanako stands up too and asks Lady Miya what the Sorority's purposes are; how they decide "the price" of a person; maybe they only base on their presumption.

Fukiko tells everyone to shut up, banging her fists.
Saint Just appears and asks for the replacement of the president! Fukiko is shocked. Rei continues, saying that the president can't be impartial about the Sorority's abolition, so she should be replaced with somebody who has no relation with the association. Fukiko looks in disbelief at Rei, surprised by her rebellion. Then she says they can't take a decision about the Sorority now, they'll have to talk with the teachers' meeting and the board of governors.
Kaoru says that in the meantime they'll collect the signatures to ask the abolition of the club. Everyone is surprised, including Miya-sama.
"All right!", Fukiko then says, challenging, "If you think you'll manage to eliminate such an important tradition...". Then she says to go on with the meeting agenda. Kaoru looks at her, with a confident and satisfied smile on her lips...

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